Should be bought clothes in thrift stores

Second hand clothing: That is why we should buy used fashion much more often

For a long time, second-hand clothing had a bad reputation. Musty, old, worn out and only for poor people - these and other keywords are often used when talking about used clothing.

But that's finally over: Second-hand clothing is becoming increasingly popular. And rightly so. Because second-hand clothing has a number of advantages. We'll show you why we should shop much more second hand fashion.

# 1: Second hand clothing is kind to the environment

In our opinion, the most important reason why we should shop more used fashion: Second hand clothing is sustainable. Since the clothing already exists, the resources required to manufacture new clothing such as water, oil or wool are saved, as are greenhouse gases.

Around 11,000 liters of water are required to produce one kilo of cotton alone.

Also, buying used clothing avoids tons of waste. On the one hand, because much less clothing ends up in the garbage, on the other hand, second-hand clothing usually comes unpacked. Means: Less textile AND packaging waste!

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# 2: Second hand clothing is cheaper than new goods

With second-hand clothing, we not only protect the environment, but also our wallets. Since second hand fashion is used, it is usually cheaper than new goods. And that without sacrificing the quality of the clothing.

The great thing: If you are a fan of designer goods, for example, you will often find them on second hand at prices at which the luxury parts are suddenly much more affordable. There are now many designer online shops who specialize in branded goods, such as Designer Vintage, Vide Dressing or Vestiaire Collective.

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# 3: Second hand fashion is individual

Ever wore the same shirt as another guest at a party? This is guaranteed not to happen to you with second hand clothing. Because anyone who has browsed second hand stores or online shops knows: No two parts are the same here!

In second-hand shops you can get hold of rare unique pieces with which you can underline your very own style.

And that is exactly what makes second-hand clothing so special and differentiates it from those of large fashion chains. So if you want to bring a little more individuality into your wardrobe and are looking for looks that stand out from others, you are at the right place with second hand fashion.

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# 4: Second hand clothing is healthier

When we buy a new item of clothing, it should always end up in the washing machine before we wear it. This is because new goods usually contain toxic pollutants. These can lead to headaches, itchy skin or rashes, especially in newborns and allergy sufferers.

Second hand fashion, on the other hand, has been washed at least once in the vast majority of cases. This is located in the fibers no chemicals of concern more. This is an important point, especially when it comes to children's clothing.

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# 5: Retro fashion is in

Vintage fashion is currently more in demand than ever. Let's just think of the currently trendy bell-bottoms, puff sleeves, oversize blazers or crop tops. And where is the best place to find items of clothing from past decades? Exactly: in second-hand shops, online shops or at flea markets.

Those with a bit of luck and patience can find real vintage treasures here. And at an unbeatable price.

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# 6 Second hand shopping is fun

The final reason why we should shop more used clothes: It's a lot of fun! You can really let off steam in second-hand shops or at flea markets and try on the most unusual pieces that you can find.

Be creative, try on clothes that you normally wouldn't try on, and browse for what's up. The shopping experience is of course the most fun for at least two people.