How many children did Frank Sinatra have

Frank Sinatra: His Life in Numbers

Even though he didn't live to see the 21st century, Frank Sinatra still knows every child. Today he would celebrate his 100th birthday.

On December 12th, one of the most legendary entertainers would celebrate his 100th birthday: Frank Sinatra (1915-1998, "I've Got You Under My Skin"). There are many legends surrounding his life, but the facts are almost as incredible. Some of the most important figures from his exceptional career.

Weight at birth: 6.1 kilograms

Frank Sinatra was extremely heavy when he was born on December 12, 1915, weighing 6.1 kilograms. The size of the baby caused complications and the doctor had to use forceps. Sinatra suffered a tear in his eardrum and injuries to his face that marked him for his life. On top of that, the doctor thought the blue baby was dead and left it on the kitchen table while he looked after the mother. Luckily for Sinatra and the music world, his grandmother didn't give up on the baby that quickly, so she held her under the cold water and elicited her first cry.

Height: 1.72 meters

Sinatra was plagued by feelings of inferiority because of his physical characteristics. In addition to the scars caused by his forceps delivery and bad acne, that was also his height of 1.72 meters. Sinatra therefore often wore high heels, covered his scars with make-up and did not like to be photographed from the left. Nevertheless, he took the ladies by storm with his blue eyes and his exceptional voice.

Rioting fans in Times Square: 40,000

After Sinatra had earned his spurs as a big band singer, he started out as a solo artist in the early 40s and immediately hit the nerve of the "Bobby Soxers", a generation of young female pop fans whose name came from fashion, the stockings to wear rolled down to the ankles. The "Sinatramania" reached a high point on Columbus Day (October 12th) 1944: Sinatra gave two concerts that evening at the Paramount Theater in New York's Times Square. About 40,000 "Bobby Soxers" then flooded the square. When the visitors to the first show refused to leave the hall, riots broke out. More than 600 police officers were needed to get the rampaging teenagers under control, the riots went down in history as "Columbus Day Riots". Justin Bieber's "Popular" (that's what his fans are called) don't mind ...

Albums sold: 150 million

In his seven-decade career, Sinatra sold over 150 million albums worldwide and is still one of the most successful musicians today. At his death in 1998, Sinatra's net worth was estimated at $ 200 million. By the time the Grammys were first awarded in 1958, Sinatra had already had two career highlights. Nevertheless, he won a total of eleven of the trophies.

Songs entitled "New York, New York": 2

Everyone knows "New York, New York" - right? In fact, Sinatra had two songs with this title in his repertoire during his career. The older of the two comes from the Bernstein musical "On the Town", which Sinatra starred in the 1949 film adaptation. The much better known number is actually called "Theme from New York, New York" and was sung by Liza Minelli in the 1977 Scorsese music film "New York, New York". The flick flopped, and Sinatra made the title track a global hit.

Oscars: 1

In 1944 Sinatra was first seen on the screen in the film adaptation of the musical "Higher and Higher", and in total he starred in over 50 films. Most recently he lent the singing sword his voice in 1988 in "Wrong Game with Roger Rabbit". In 1953 Sinatra won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the war film "Damn In All Eternity".

Money gambled away in one night: $ 500,000

Sinatra's debauchery in Las Vegas, where he has performed regularly since the 1950s, was legendary. In 1967 he is said to have amassed $ 500,000 in gambling debts on a party night at the Sands Casino Hotel. Then he demolished the entrance area of ​​the hotel with a golf cart and tried to set fire to some of the curtains.

FBI files: 2,403 pages

The FBI targeted Sinatra for decades, initially because of his alleged Mafia connections, and later - apparently similarly suspicious - because of his support for John F. Kennedy. Further material for the 2,403 pages of files that the authorities amassed about Sinatra provided the suspicion that the singer avoided military service by bribery during World War II. And like many other entertainers, he was suspected of communist activities in the McCarthy era.

Wives: 4

In addition to his countless affairs, Sinatra was married four times. In 1939 he married his childhood sweetheart Nancy Barbato. From this marriage came his three children Nancy, Frank Jr. and Tina, all of whom also made careers in show business. In 1951 Sinatra divorced his first wife, and in the same year he married Hollywood star Ava Gardner. Their tumultuous marriage kept making headlines for the two of them. They separated again in 1953, the divorce could not be finalized until 1957. Despite everything, Sinatra and Gardner remained friends. The third marriage to Mia Farrow also lasted only two years (1966-1968). Sinatra found a permanent haven with Barbara Marx, with whom he was married from 1976 until his death.

Suicide attempts: 4

Sinatra described himself as manic-depressed and attempted suicide four times. A career low in the early 1950s hit him badly. One day while watching a bunch of girls before a concert by then teen star Eddie Fisher, Sinatra went home and tried to kill himself on his gas stove. His manager found him in time and saved the singer's life. Sinatra made three more suicide attempts during his stormy marriage to Ava Gardner.

Sex tapes: 1

He was young and needed the money: In 1935 the then 19-year-old Sinatra is said to have starred in a porn movie called "The Masked Bandit" for $ 100. Although he - of course - wore a mask, the singer is said to have made sure that the strip never came to light again after his breakthrough through his Mafia contacts.