Why is the African continent so poor

The children's mirror : Why are many people in Africa so poor?

Gold, oil, diamonds and ore: Africa is a continent with many raw materials that are dearly paid for around the world. Nevertheless, millions of people are starving there. Countless children cannot afford school books. And this despite the fact that rich countries like Germany spend billions of euros on development aid every year.

How can that be? The question is not that easy to answer. Because the problem is too complicated to be explained with just one answer.

One of the most important reasons is that there are politicians in many African countries who think more of themselves than of their people. Instead of building hospitals and schools with the money from development aid and training people well, they prefer to build expensive houses for themselves or wage wars.

Some say that the rich countries are complicit

However, some scientists also find that the rich countries are partly to blame for poverty. They look at history and say that Europe plundered Africa for many decades and made the people there slaves. That is why Africa is lagging behind in terms of the economy. Some even say that the rich countries don't really want Africa to catch up. Because many companies that mine valuable raw materials in Africa are not African, but come from rich countries.

Because the politicians in these countries think above all that their own compatriots are safe, they adopt policies that benefit them but harm Africa. This can mean that things that were made there are more expensive here than our own products, while our products in Africa are cheaper than those in Africa. The manufacturers from Africa then find it difficult to sell something, even in their own country.

Some Africans would prefer to get rid of development aid

Some Africans would therefore prefer that the rich countries no longer interfere at all. Development aid should also be abolished. Because if there is no more money, they believe, the bad politicians would be forced to change something for the better in their countries.

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