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BTS: New song breaks all records

right one K-pop fans have definitely already noticed: The Bangtan Boys, or BTS, have a new song - and it really goes through the roof!


BTS: First song in English

The boys from BTS have a song with mega DJSteve Aoki recorded! The new single of the super combo is called"Waste It On Me" and came last Friday (26.10.2018) Out. The fans celebrate the track so much that it is now number 1 in the iTunes charts in 49 countries around the world - WOW !!! The special thing about the hit: It is the first song that BTS sang entirely in English. Awesome! Up until now, the Korean boys sang almost exclusively in Korean.


BTS: New song breaks records

The song is already very successful: The "Spotify"Users streamed the song 9.4 million times this week - in just four days (measured on Tuesday). On average, a song is usually streamed 1.15 million times a day - so BTS break a record! Lyric video has also been featured over 10.5 million times YouTube viewed - within just one week! Crazy ... That is at least as crazy BTS sold out the entire Mercedes Benz Arena at their very first concert in Germany - two times in a row! Hardly any other band can do that, or a musician in general - certainly not a newcomer! ?


BTS: You are conquering the world

That she is now with, of all people Steve Aoki worked together is no coincidence: the hit DJ remixed a song by BTS. "Mic drop" feat. Designer landed at number one on the Billboard World Digital Charts 2017-2018 - BTS celebrated the highest chart entry of any K-pop band in the USA and thus bagged their first US gold award. Your goal: conquer the world! Not so absurd at all ...;) You feel a little closer to your goal every day. Keep it up guys! In any case, your fans can already look forward to the documentary about the power band: The film will be on November 15th “B.T.S. - experience of the group, called Burn the Stage: the Movie ” Premiere.

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