What are Americans doing wrong

comment: Why Americans are doing everything wrong

Of course - the images of the looting in the Iraqi cities are bound to cause sheer horror. One could almost ask: And that is why they were released? Obviously we preferred the order beforehand - even if it had been enforced by a draconian dictatorship. But I didn't really want to make such sarcastic considerations. Although in fact some things can only be seen sarcastically - the scenes change so crazy. And the arguments with which we respond. Why don't "the Americans" prevent the looting? Why don't they secure internal order in Iraq? - If I see it right, the American army leads - for better or worse - There is still a war there, in which the final victory for each of us desk strategists is clearly in sight, but has not yet been won. What these soldiers can do with their weapons is: wage war against other soldiers and armies. Even in a partisan house-to-house war they would be unrestrainedly inferior. Yes, and then just ten days ago we had predicted (I confess my complicity!) That they - "the Americans" - would be drawn into a far too long, tormenting war struggle with far too weak forces. No sooner have we got it wrong, then we know all the more surely that it must be easy to maintain the internal, civil order in a handful of large and larger cities - with soldiers who, on the one hand, still have a war over On the other hand, they are far too few for their actual task. And then we said: The Americans should leave Iraq again as soon as possible. Now we talk in a way that - without our admitting this - assumes that they will stay for a very long time. Because before the civil administration is in place, which is supposed to do what not even "the Americans" (can) do at the moment, a lot of time will go into the country. So that we don't get ourselves wrong - the following remains right untouched: Who such a war , against international law, begins, has to answer for all intended and unwanted consequences: the civilian victims as well as the civil chaos - and a lot more.But sometimes it seems to me as if we Germans (if one can speak so broadly), the we have nothing to answer for here (how nice!), the others than the guilty ones almost a little relish in front of us in our moral invulnerability. They always do something wrong, even if it was the opposite yesterday: The first victim of the war, it is said, is the truth. Sometimes, I fear, victims also have reasonably clear, constant judgment. If it was there before. Let's wait for our next mistake. When we recognize him - and maybe even admit it.