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Smart Building (Bachelor)

Actively helping to shape the future: The Smart Building bachelor's degree gives you the opportunity to develop buildings that have a positive impact on our quality of life. During your studies, you will learn to take a holistic view of buildings and create modern living spaces that impress with their energy and resource efficiency. With the “Smart Building” course, you will become part of a new generation of planners and designers who can change our living environment in the long term.

Graduation:Bachelor of Science in Engineering (BSc)
Duration:6 semesters (180 ECTS)
Study places / year:35
Study location:Campus Kuchl
Classroom language:German
Costs:Tuition fees (€ 363 per semester)
+ ÖH fee (€ 20.70 per semester)
Lesson times:Friday from 1.30 p.m., Saturday all day
Previous knowledge:no relevant prior knowledge necessary
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Why study Smart Building at the Salzburg University of Applied Sciences?

The Smart Building bachelor's degree combines the basics of construction and engineering with the innovative approach of energy-efficient building technology. The focus is on sustainable building, holistic perspectives and efficient use of energy and costs.

In your apprenticeship you will learn to design the buildings of the future as work, living and living spaces. Theoretical and practical knowledge in structural engineering, building technology and in the field of energy and information technology will help you. The course sharpens your focus on people and the environment. You will also learn to use natural resources responsibly without losing sight of economic aspects.

Among other things, you dealt with:

  • sustainable architecture
  • Engineering and natural sciences
  • Construction and building technology
  • Energy and information technology
  • socio-communicative and economic aspects

Teaching form: Classes mainly take place on-site at the Kuchl campus; face-to-face teaching is combined with online teaching. In addition, there are also practical elements such as B. Excursions, laboratory exercises, project weeks, etc.

Theory meets practice: The extra-occupational structure of the course enables you to apply the knowledge you have learned directly in your everyday work.

Already knew? The course "Smart Building - Energy-Efficient Building Technology and Sustainable Building" was awarded the State Prize for Teaching!

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The most important things about the Smart Building bachelor's degree

Course content and focus areas

In the first part of your studies you will acquire a broad knowledge in all relevant subject areas. The fundamentals of natural and engineering sciences are just as important as construction and building technology, design and the construction industry. The methodological expertise is supplemented by aspects such as architectural quality and user comfort.

In the last part of the degree you will deepen your knowledge in one of two areas:

  • Smart Building Systems:
    Building management, building automation systems, control and regulation technology
  • Smart Building Constructions:
    Building construction, development of detailed solutions, integration of smart building components

Smart skills: As part of the bachelor's degree, you have the opportunity to acquire additional skills:

  • Certified energy consultant
  • Certified European passive house planner / consultant
  • Qualification as an external energy auditor
  • Certification systems DGNB / ÖGNI, LEED, BREEAM

Internship and semester abroad

The extra-occupational structure of the course means that the course has a high practical relevance. In addition, great attention is paid to mandatory internships in the course of the training. Overall, you will complete your bachelor's degree 450 hours of internship.

Good to know: If you are already doing a professionally relevant activity in addition to your studies, these hours can be credited to you.

Smart building around the world: Would you like to specialize further through a stay abroad? From the third semester you have the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of our numerous partner universities.

Would you like to deepen your knowledge in the field of smart building? The Master's degree in Smart Buildings in Smart Citiesoffers the ideal opportunity for this with the topic of "intelligent buildings and sustainable district development".