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How and what do Germans eat? - Ministry publishes nutrition report

What is on the table in Germany? What role do the price and calories of food play? And how important is a healthy diet to Germans? The current nutrition report provides answers to this.

On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL), the opinion research institute forsa surveyed around 1,000 German citizens aged 14 and over about their eating and shopping habits in 2018. The ministry has now published the most important results in the form of a “Nutrition Report 2019”.

What is important to Germans when it comes to eating?

  • For 99 percent of those surveyed, it comes down to eating taste at.
  • 91 percent of the respondents is one healthy eating important: 71 percent eat fruit and vegetables every day, 64 percent eat dairy products every day, 28 percent eat meat and sausage products every day, 6 percent of those surveyed are vegan or vegetarian.
  • A conscious diet seems to be becoming more important to Germans: more than half of the respondents pay attention to nutrient contents such as sugar and fat when shopping. 36 percent pay attention to the calories.
  • 48 percent prefer one Easy to prepare, for at least 32 percent is that price most importantly.

Federal Food Minister Julia Klöckner says about the main findings of the report:

“It should be tasty and healthy. Healthy eating is important to nine out of ten consumers. And the food has to be tasty for almost everyone - 99 percent. "

Julia Kloeckner

What do Germans like to eat most?

According to the nutritional report, these three groups of dishes make up the Top 3 favorite dishes of Germans:

  1. Meat dishes such as roast, schnitzel or goulash (33 percent of respondents)
  2. Pasta dishes like spaghetti, lasagna or spaetzle (17 percent of respondents)
  3. Salads and vegetable dishes

Already fourth nutrition report

It is the fourth nutrition report published by the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture. The annual, representative survey is intended to provide insights into eating and shopping habits. "The nutrition report is an important political seismograph to capture the reality of people's lives"the ministry said.

The Nutrition Report 2019 can be downloaded here.

With information from: BMEL.
Post photo: HLPhoto - stock.adobe.com

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