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Python on the GraalVM - a diverse world

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With Python, many development teams are annoyed by the speed of execution. The reason for this is that the reference implementation of Python (aka CPython) is an interpreter that executes programs statement by statement. An interpreter scores with very good start times, but the actual execution speed is limited. This mainly applies to program code with many loops and calls.

The just-in-time (JIT) compiler Graal in the GraalVM promises a remedy here. The advantages of JIT compilation are also used by other programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and Ruby, which can also be executed on the GraalVM. This gives developers the opportunity to write programs that consist of Python, Ruby and JavaScript code and that can still be executed as if they were all of a piece. In the Managed Mode execution mode, which prevents any direct memory access, it is even possible to execute C extensions fully isolated. This means that large parts of NumPy and SciKit Learn can also be used without having to access the native memory. GraalVM also offers tools such as JVisualVM and a debugger for performance analysis and debugging across language boundaries.

Previous knowledge

  • Basic knowledge of Java and Python

learning goals

  • Get to know the possibilities of the new GraalVM Python implementation, in particular its performance, compatibility and integrability with Java, C and other GraalVM languages




Florian Angerer is a member of the GraalVM project at Oracle Labs and works on the implementation of the programming languages ​​Python and R. His research interests lie in the area of ​​programming languages ​​and program analysis.

Tim Felgentreff is part of the GraalVM team at Oracle Labs, where he is the language lead for the Python implementation on GraalVM. He found his way there through his interest in the design of programming languages ​​and virtual machines, as well as through his previous work on the PyPy / RPython project and other VMs for dynamic programming languages.


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