What is life like in Aurora CO

Aurora - Big Denver's little neighbor

There's no question that when it comes to cities in the US state of Colorado, Denver is almost always named before its neighbor, Aurora. That won't bother the city's 320,000 residents. They enjoy being close to the famous metropolis and are happy that it is a little quieter at home.

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There is definitely no shortage of sporty outdoor activities | An evening in the theater | Rapid population growth | Hotels, Apartments and Vacation Rentals | Aurora at a glance

From Aurora you can enjoy the many advantages that Colorado has to offer all year round in a relaxed manner. And the cultural and sporting activities that are possible in Aurora itself can also be experienced undisturbed. Last but not least, this includes various challenging golf courses and many other activities in the beautiful nature of the immediate vicinity.

There is no shortage of sporty outdoor activities

For golfers, this city is really something of a little paradise. Nine large courses invite you to a well-tended round of golf, some of them are public, others are privately owned, but are still accessible. The selection offers something for every level of difficulty and every need, from large, challenging courses to smaller, family-friendly courses.

Especially those who are out and about with children and teenagers will like Aurora. The city always remains clear, but it also has interesting offers for younger visitors. One of them is Great Plains Park (20100 E Jewell Ave). It offers a lot of play equipment and thanks to various water fountains, especially in summer, a welcome cooling off for little guests. Since admission is free here, it is easy on the holiday budget. However, many other people also appreciate this; so it can get full at times.

At the Plains Conservation Center (21901 E. Hampden Ave), interested visitors of all ages can learn all about the prairie and threatened pastureland. Since this happens in the middle of the corresponding natural landscape and surrounded by animals, a day there is definitely worth it - even if you are not an environmental activist.

A completely different kind of animal experience awaits visitors to Arapahoe Park (26000 E. Quincy Ave). Ponies are sent to the start on this family-friendly horse racing track, which is open almost only on weekends.


An evening in the theater

But don't worry, Aurora isn't just for fresh air fanatics, sports enthusiasts or family people. There is also something to do there for those interested in art and culture. Unfortunately, the “Century 16 Movie Theater” has become ingloriously known. When the film “The Dark Knight Rises” was due to premiere there on July 20, 2012, a massacre occurred - Twelve cinema-goers were shot dead and 50 others were injured, some seriously.

These are, of course, fateful exceptional situations that nobody can really arm themselves against. Therefore, despite all this, a visit to the "Vintage Theater" (1468 Dayton St.), for example, is recommended, which not only makes a name for itself with its good productions, but also with a relaxed bar area with a restaurant. Anyone who can be entertained here for an evening can understand how pleasant it is to live in Aurora.

Rapid population development

Don't say goodbye to Aurora without visiting Cherry Creek State Park (4201 South Parker Road). Boating, cycling, walking, everything is more pleasant here. Nice surroundings possible. Also not to be missed is the “Aurora History Museum” (15051 E. Alameda Pkwy), which gives an interesting insight into the past of the third largest city in Colorado. Speaking of which: In 1900 Aurora had a total of 200 inhabitants, in 1830 there were already just under 2,300. From 1940 to 1960 the official population increased from 3,437 to 48,458. Between 1980 and 2010, the population doubled again from just under 159,000 to a good 325,000.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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Aurora at a glance

  • Third largest city in the US state of Colorado
  • Paradise for golfers with at least new first-class facilities
  • Activities for the whole family include in Great Plains Park and Cherry Creek State Park
  • Lively art and culture scene; Recommendation for the "Vintage Theater" and the "Aurora History Museum"