Jews also believe in the Koran

Jews as enemies in Islam -
"An enemy to every prophet"

Nirenberg begins with an alternating presentation of the Quran and the life story of Muhammad, the Sira. He goes into both the authors and the content of the respective writing. In the following, the Koran and the Sira be considered more closely.

The Koran The content is based on Christian, Jewish and Arabic revelations and was compiled by Caliph Uthman Ibn Affat. The transcript shows no precise addressee, no specific speaker and no contemporary context. For the title topic “Anti-Judaism”, the suras (Koranic sections) 2 and 9 are of particular importance. In these it becomes clear that the role of the Jews in Koran is unique:
Sura 2.93, for example, ascribes a double function to the Jews. On the one hand, the Jewish prophets would be viewed as recipients of the divine revelations. This would mean the Torah recognized by the Islamic faith. On the other hand, however, from the interpretation of the Quran the Torah falsified and misinterpreted. They should pay for their alleged resistance to the Prophet Mohammed with their humiliation by the Islamic people. It was through this humiliation that the truth of the Koranic scriptures should be proven.

In contrast to the Koran deals with the Sira not with the divine revelations but with the story of Muhammad. This was written by the Muslim historian Ibn Ishaq about 150 years after Muhammad's death with the help of a specially compiled collection of traditions about the life of the Prophet. From then on, that “true” life story should serve as a model for the life of every Muslim. Potential blank spaces in the Koran should arise through statements of the Sira be filled. Anti-Judaist “propaganda” was often used for this. (Nirenberg, p.164-165)