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HAPPY SLIM SHAKE - for the sake of shape

How about - do you finally want to lose weight effectively, sustainably and without the hassle of counting calories? Without feeling hungry or having to spend time shopping and preparing food? And wouldn't you like to keep your desired weight without the yo-yo effect? Then we have just the thing for you: the HAPPY SLIM SHAKE.

Enjoy easy, healthy and with a good feeling: Replace a complete meal - purely vegan, without artificial sweeteners and with only 230 kcal.


The HAPPY SLIM SHAKE is a substitute meal that you can stir quickly and easily at home. The recipe contains many important vitamins, minerals, fiber and trace elements. In addition, the protein content is very high at 22.5 grams per meal. The protein consists of rice and pea protein and is of very high quality. It was also important to us to completely avoid artificial sweeteners. That is why the HAPPY SLIM SHAKE instead organic raw cane sugar and organic coconut blossom sugar. Developing the perfect recipe alone took around 15 months, not least because it is extremely difficult to make a vegan substitute meal that is creamy in consistency and feels good in the mouth. But the result is impressive: a healthy and high-quality substitute meal that tastes good and works

  • If you want to lose weight, replace two meals a day.
  • If you want to maintain your weight, replace one meal a day.
  • If you don't have time to have breakfast or don't eat breakfast - the shake is a great way to start the day.
  • The HAPPY SLIM SHAKES are also perfect if you want to do something good for your body and have a healthy meal, but have no desire or time to shop or cook.
  • Due to the high protein content, the delicious shakes also work well as sweets for in between meals. A "little sin" with no repentance.
  • When things have to be particularly fast and you are on the go or at work.

The HAPPY SLIM SHAKE contains everything you need for a healthy meal: a balanced proportion of proteins and carbohydrates ensures that you are full for longer and that your blood sugar remains stable. The protein also supports cell renewal in the muscles.

The HAPPY SLIM SHAKE also contains:

  • B vitamins and vitamins A / C / E / D3
  • Zinc, iron, manganese, selenium, copper, potassium, calcium
  • Trace elements
  • Fiber

How and when do I prepare a shake?

Shake or stir - done - delicious! Replace one or two meals a day with the HAPPY SLIM SHAKE stirred into milk. Our recipe is 100% vegan and if you mix the powder with rice, oat or almond milk, it stays that way. Of course, you can also use cow or goat milk. The specified nutritional values ​​were calculated on the basis of cow's milk with a fat content of 1.5%. Another advantage is that it is lactose-free. If that's an issue for you, just make sure that your milk is lactose-free.
Our tip: You can do that HAPPY SLIM SHAKE also taste good as a pudding. The longer you leave the mixed meal, the more pudding-like it will be. For example, just stir the shake in the evening, put it in the fridge overnight and enjoy a delicious pudding the next day. So you always have something on hand that prevents you from reaching for the next chocolate bar or "randomly" using the refrigerator.

Eat a balanced diet and exercise

Please note that a HAPPY SLIM SHAKE-The weight loss regimen should not be taken for more than two weeks without a break.

  • For the other meals, make sure you have a balanced diet with good carbohydrates, lots of vegetables and salad, and good sources of protein.
  • In a cure for weight loss, the combination with L-Amino Basix advantageous. L-Amino Basix significantly increases the usability of the proteins used in the drink.
  • Drink plenty of still mineral water or unsweetened tea at the same time.
  • Sufficient movement supports the weight loss effect. Give it a try: walks, walking, jogging, swimming, cycling or other sports.

These flavors are available to you

But that's not all. We are currently working on other delicious flavors. You will find more about this on our website soon.

Consumption recommendation:

Stir 30g (3 level measuring spoons) into 250ml milk (1.5% fat) or vegan milk per meal and enjoy.