An owl is a mammal

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B3 Owls are nocturnal animals Owls are adapted to life at night. They have large eyes that point forward like humans. This enables owls to estimate distances well. The eyes of owls are very sensitive to light. This is why owls don't need a lot of light to see well. An owl can hardly move its eyes at all. But she can turn her head very far. The hearing of owls is very fine. In this way they can find their prey even when it is completely dark. Owls have a wreath of feathers around their beak. It directs the sound to the ears. The ears cannot be seen from the outside. Some species have "feather ears" (B4). But these are not real ears, but movable head feathers that serve as camouflage. So they are difficult to spot in the branches. The feathers of owls are very soft and there are fine fringes on the flight feathers. This allows owls to fly very quietly. Most owls are very inconspicuous in color with their light or dark brown feathers. So they are also well camouflaged. How do owls live? Owls mainly eat small mammals and birds. Some species also prey on insects. Owls grab and kill their prey with their long, sharp claws. With their hooked beak they cut up their food. They even swallow small prey whole. Some time later they choke out a vault. In contrast to the reels of birds of prey, owl bulbs also contain the bones of their prey. Most owls don't build nests. They lay their eggs in tree hollows, old buildings, in the empty nests of other birds, or on the ground. The young hatch from the white eggs. In the beginning you are blind and helpless (nestling). What types of owls are there? The largest species of owl in the world is the eagle owl. Eagle owls grow up to 75 cm. They eat animals up to the size of a fox and even birds of prey and other species of owls. The two most common owl species in Austria are the tawny owl and the long-eared owl. They live in forests, parks and gardens. The barn owl has a bright, heart-shaped wreath of feathers and nests in barns and church towers. The little owl lives mainly in orchards. It feeds on mice, insects and earthworms. A1 –W– Describe how owls are adapted to life at night. A2 –W– What are the names of these owls? B1 SCHOUL W KAUZ B2 B4 ST KAUZ W DO EU ➝ Workbook pages 48–49 110 Owls - Hunters of the Night For testing purposes only - property of the publisher öbv

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