What vegetables are Hawaii known for?

Made in Hawaii. Local products from the islands

The brown gold from Hawaii ...is also called that coffee on the island. β€œIts aroma is fantastic and better than other types of coffee,” said Mark Twain in 1866 πŸ™‚

Coffee is mainly grown in Hawaii on the west coast Big Island, in the area of Kona instead of. On the steep slopes of the Mount Halali and the Mauna Loa volcano, at a height of 250 - 850 meters, the coffee grows under incredibly good conditions. Thanks to the fertile volcanic soils in Hawaii and the vector clouds that pass over this cultivation region in the afternoon and protect the tender plants from the heat, this is what makes this Kona coffee to top quality. 

The soil in this region is even considered to be one of the most productive in the world. Wow!The amounts of coffee that are produced are unfortunately very small. Since the coffee is handpicked and great attention is paid to quality during production and roasting, it makes the coffee very exclusive and not easy to get. The majority of coffee producers nowadays are ecologically oriented and there are now over 600 coffee farms in Kona, madness!

My advice:take a look at the model company Kanlani Ohana Farmover and enjoy a great day at the coffee farmer's. Many Hawaiian families work here and thus secure their income with cultivation, harvesting, processing and quality testing of the coffee. The taste of Kona coffee is unique and is rated by coffee connoisseurs as one of the 3 best types of coffee in the world. The Kona coffee has the quality class: "Extra fancy". NASA also likes to enjoy a cup of Hawaiian coffee in space or on earth. πŸ™‚ And even in the White House, since moving in from Barak Obama Drank Kona Coffee. Have you ever tried a cup? How did you like it?

I would now like to introduce you to a real vitamin bomb ... No, it is not a fruit, but a nut. The Macadamia nut scores with vitamin B, calcium, iron and phosphorus and with the B vitamins and B6 it is nerve food for our brain when things get a little more stressful. πŸ™‚ The macadamia nut will "The queen of nuts" called, because the cultivation of the nut is very difficult and the further processing very complicated. The shell of the macadamia is so hard that it cannot be opened with a normal nutcracker. To crack them you need one Spindle nutcrackerthat bores itself through the nut and thus opens it. So it is not that easy to get hold of the delicious nut ... The demand is therefore all the greater and this makes the golden nut a must most expensive nut in the world! They can be enjoyed in many ways, dried or roasted, coated with chocolate, salted or ground in a cake. The cosmetics industry also uses the oil All-round nut for their products. Growing areas in Hawaii are Big Island, Molokai and also Oahu.

When you think of Hawaii, this is it pineapple probably the A fruitthat you immediately have in your head! In 1906, when James Dole opened the first pineapple factory in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii was still the number one pineapple supplier worldwide. Today the beautiful islands produce only 15% of the world's pineapple harvest. Most of the yellow fruits today come from Asia. Madness!

Nevertheless, the pineapple is and will remain Hawaii landmark and will always be associated with Hawaii. On all the Hawaiian Islands, pineapples are grown on large pineapple plantations. No matter where you are when you drive over the islands by car, you will 100 percent pass pineapple plantations. Keep your eyes open!

My tip for you: If you are on Oahu, visit the Dole plantation. Here you can find out everything about pineapples. Everything is explained about the rearing, harvesting and processing of the sweet fruit. In the hotel's own garden you can admire different varieties, large, small, long, red ... Really interesting. Even baby pineapples grow here, sweet! πŸ˜‰ A small train takes visitors through the whole plantation and complex, get on and look at everything!

You can buy all kinds of pineapple and Dole souvenirs in the anteroom of the Dole Plantation. Chains, shirts, magnets, stickers and much more. In terms of taste, you get your money's worth, because here they sell pineapple ice cream with fresh pineapple pieces on it, mmmmh ... you also get sliced ​​pineapple and of course fast food, for the small appetite πŸ™‚ The Dole Plantation is a nice destination for the afternoon and before especially if you are traveling with children, they get a lot to see here.

One can say that the Kona coffee, the macadamia nut and the pineapple are probably the most popular and famous products Made in Hawaii are. However, due to its year-round, permanently mild climate, but also due to the excellent vulcanized soil, Hawaii has the best prerequisites for many other products to grow here. There is for example Cotton fields, tobacco is grown, Orchids are grown for shipping, fruits like Papaya, mango, guava, bananas and Coconuts grow here and even Vineyards is there. There are also rice fields in Hawaii.

The Pacific also offers plenty of great types of fish. Again Yellowfin tunawho lives off the coast of Hawaii. It is also used to make the typical Ahi Ahi or Ahi poke.

Try a lot in Hawaii, because local, regional products are always the freshest and best!