Can I sell myself on OLX

Selling On OLX Or How Not To Be Fooled (Based On Your Own Example)

I've been there since yesterday

At least some of these bots wrote to me. I report them immediately and block them. I go back to the communicator, which is safer.

Several people write to me, including one who wants to buy the equipment right away. It doesn't ask about condition, hidden defects, or anything else. It has to be a quick transaction.

Here I have another rule and check the user account. Just click on the nickname. If someone has been on OLX for a year, two and three are fine. If he's related to Facebook, that's fine too.

That one person seemed fine, but the account was created yesterday. No integration, no equipment on display. Thread. Unfortunately, I do not agree to the sale here either. Creating and deleting accounts is a common practice.

Someone will ask me for details of the transfer, send me confirmation of execution and ask for fast delivery (before the real money appears in the account). The confirmation is easy to forge.

It's also an ideal background for social engineering. He will tell us that he sent the money and we did not send the equipment and he will report us to the police. And we will bow because there may have been an error on the bank's side.

Don't just be careful when buying. Also, be careful when selling

You have to be careful because it is getting harder and harder to sell something online. Every time I post something, roughly 20-30% of my messages are blackmail attempts. Much ...

This article was created to warn you about various methods of extortion. Over time, I will update it as new scam methods are tested on me.