Will Minecraft fall out of favor again

Chapter 18 - return?

"Okay, I'll check on Stevee," announced Herobrine and disappeared into his room. So Alena went quietly to Conny's room. Her friend was already awake and sitting on the bed. When she noticed Alena she turned to her and smiled. "Now I'm more awake again ... Well, where have you been?", She asked with a grin and eyed Alena curiously. "Oh, in the village ..." Alena replied casually. "Slept well?" Conny nodded. "Better than the last few days" With these words she got up from the bed and ran to Alena. "What the cause of it might be?" Conny heard the irony in Alena's voice clearly. Both grinned. "Come on" Conny ran out of the room with Alena and the two crouched on a bench. "Where is Herobrine? He just wanted to get Stevee ..." Conny laughed suppressed. "Stevee probably has what is known as 'very healthy' sleep," she replied. Really, Herobrine kept trying to wake Stevee up - unsuccessfully. "Yeah, probably. Shall we look?" Conny agreed and followed Alena to Stevee's room. When they entered the room, Herobrine looked at them desperately. "Help me to wake them up," he asked the two girls and pointed to Stevee, who was deeply asleep. "Sure, that's why we're here," replied Alena with a grin. Together they managed to get Stevee out of his sleep. He blinked tiredly. "Hmmm let me sleep," he muttered and turned around. "You may not", Conny made clear and crossed her arms. "Exactly, you've been sleeping most of the day now," Alena helped her friend with arguments. "That's right, if you don't get up we'll get cold water," threatened Herobrine. "So get out now?" Stevee just growled into his pillow. Herobrine sighed. "I'll get the bucket ..." He disappeared from Stevee's room and fetched cold water with a bucket. Then he came back and looked at Stevee, waiting. He rolled over and looked at Herobrine. His eyes went wide. "Ahhh!" He got up quickly, he literally jumped out of bed. "No not necessary!" Everyone started laughing, except Stevee. "Interesting change of mood," said Conny between a few laughs. "What a bucket of water doesn't do," added Herobrine, laughing and laughing again at Stevee's disgruntled expression. "Oh, man ...", Stevee grumbled, but at some point he laughed too. "At least you're awake," emphasized Herobrine and patted Stevee amicably on the shoulder. "Wake up but tired" Still, Stevee grinned. "Really!?" Herobrine laughed again. Everyone ran out of Stevee's room as they slowly calmed down. The four crouched down on the bench again. "And now?" Alena looked around questioningly. "What time is it?" Asked Herobrine. "I have no idea, I forgot the sense of time", Alena simply replied. She grinned. "Me too - that's why I ask" Herobrine grinned too. Conny shrugged his shoulders. "So you shouldn't ask me, I was sleeping the whole time" Alena turned to Stevee: "Do you have a watch?" Stevee yawned. "Don't think so," he replied tiredly. "Well then" Alena looked briefly out of the window. "Around afternoon," she estimated and looked at Herobrine questioningly. "Also good," said the latter. "What do we do now? Does anyone have an idea? I don't ..." Alena asked freely and stared at the floor. "Me neither. It's pretty boring without the Bloody Chicken ...", Conny indicated, but looked carefully at Herobrine. "I had to say it once" Herobrine was silent. "So what to do?" Alena turned to Stevee. "Suggest something, Stevee" He looked at her indignantly. "Why me!?" Alena searched for words. "Because!" Stevee was sullen in silence. "Can it be that nobody has a plan anymore?", Conny asked and raised an eyebrow. "Yes, that's right. After the Bloody Chicken is gone and Herobrine is back ..." She looked at the person just addressed. "... there is actually nothing more to do ..." Herobrine nodded. "I even have to agree" Alena thought for a while. "Hm, actually we don't belong in this world" She looked at Conny. "Back to our families ..." Herobrine looked at them both with big, sad eyes. "In your ... families?" Alena shrugged the shoulders. "As I said, we could ... But to be honest you are now something of a family ..." Conny nodded in agreement to Alena. Herobrine sighed. "If you go - can I come with you?" Stevee looked at Herobrine, then at Alena. "... and me too?", he added Herobrine's sentence. "You would leave it all here?", Asked Conny in disbelief and closed the house with a big gesture. Alena interrupted her friend. "Another question: Would it even work? Can you leave this world?" She looked at the two doubtfully. "That would have to be tried out," said Herobrine with an enterprising twinkle in her eyes. Alena wasn't entirely convinced. "What if it goes wrong? Anyway ... But would you really leave it all behind?" Two loud 'yes' shouts echoed across the room. "Are you sure?", Asked Conny. Herobrine looked determined. "Yes, after all, I'm not really at home here" Conny looked carefully at Stevee. "Hmm ..." he started. "I'm attached to this world ... But I've always lived here, I want to see something new! So yes!" Now Stevee was determined too. "Okay, and how do we get out of this world?", Conny asked the group. She just didn't know how to do it. They didn't even know how they got into this one. "What do I know ... There was a dimensions book in the library ... Maybe they also have a world book?" Herobrine nodded. "We could look it up," he suggested. "Ok, let's go ..." Alena stood up. Together they ran back to the village. Alena led her to the library. "Do you think you have put the books back in order?" Alena turned to Herobrine and began to look. Herobrine grinned weakly. "I think so ..." He looked around restlessly. "But we should be careful that they don't see us" Alena was looking for a suitable book on the side. "Yes ... do you think they would recognize us?" Herobrine grinned broadly. "At least me, yes," he replied, amused, and stands a little impatiently next to it. Conny looked out the window. Alena pulled out a book. "Ah, the different worlds of this galaxy. Sounds good, doesn't it?" Herobrine nodded and looked out the window. "Have a look - it won't be long before someone notices us" Alena opens the book as she is told. "Change of worlds is good ... There are building instructions for such a portal ... Let's take the book with us and run away," suggested Alena and hastily tucked the book under her arm. "Good idea, I think villagers are coming ..." Conny looked nervously at the others. "Let's get out of here" Alena nodded. “Yes, quickly!” Herobrine ran to the door and yanked it open. "Out with you!" Everyone ran outside, Herobrine followed. They hurriedly run to the edge of the village while shouts are loud among the villagers. At some point they slow down. "Always this running", Alena said with a laugh and took a deep breath. "Right ..." Herobrine looked around. "So what do we need for the portal?" Alena opened the page of the book. "4 obsidian blocks, 2 gold blocks, 2 diamond blocks, 4 netherracks ... dude, where should we get the two diamond blocks from?", Alena asked in frustration. "Obsidian is harder to come by than diamond - or, you know, diamond is used to mine obsidian," explained Stevee. "I can get Netherracks," offered Herobrine. Everyone was immediately involved. Herobrine teleported into the Nether and got 2 Netherracks as promised. Meanwhile, the others were looking for solutions to their diamond-obsidian problem. "We could go to a village and negotiate with the villagers," suggested Conny. "Well, I'd rather not go there ...", Alena said immediately and Stevee joined her: "And you know me - I don't want to fall out of favor with them" Conny stared at both of them in amazement, then rolled her eyes and sighed. "It's okay, I'm going," she agreed with an ironic undertone and ran back to the village.

Little by little they gathered all the materials together. Thanks to Herobrine's 'strange' friend, they had gathered enough and started building the portal. Alena said how it had to be built and the other three built it up. In the end everyone stood in front of the portal, exhausted but satisfied. A transparent, shimmering substance covered the gap between the blocks. It was slowly getting dark, the day was drawing to a close. Alena closed the book and put it on the floor. "Ok, let's see where we're going" Alena took a deep breath. "Are we really supposed to go through this?" It could still go wrong. "If you want. But I'm not going first," said Stevee. Herobrine sighed, looked at the portal again, and then walked through. It seemed to be working. Conny followed, then Alena and then Stevee. They had left the world successfully.