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Electric cars from Tesla: All information about the models at a glance

by Irmgard Butter on 02/23/2021

TeslaTesla Motors: all models and information about the company at a glance

Tesla Inc. is a pioneer in e-mobility. The model range has grown a lot since it was founded in 2003. We will introduce you to the different models.

Model S: business sedan with role model function

The Model S is considered to be the benchmark for electric business sedans and to keep it that way, the model is constantly being adapted. In addition, there are regular software updates that optimize range and operation. There are now three different versions of the Model S: Maximum reach, Plaid and Plaid +. The former is equipped with all-wheel drive including a dual motor. The other two with a three-engine all-wheel drive.

Safety is a top priority with the Tesla S. The adaptive headlights ensure optimal illumination in the curves. The body is designed to prevent rollover and effectively absorb the energy in the event of an impact. Airbags are standard on the five-seater front and rear. The models are also available with an autopilot on request.

The Model S is a mobile entertainment center. Both the 17-inch display, which is centrally integrated into the dashboard, and the smaller screen for the back seat are compatible with wireless controllers, so that passengers can while away the time with the latest games. Other electronic devices can be charged while driving. The Tesla supports Bluetooth, wireless, and USB-C charging. Good sound is also provided - with a 960 watt audio system and 22 speakers distributed throughout the interior. But even those who want a lot of storage space get their money's worth with the Model S. Thanks to the foldable rear seats, the trunk can be expanded quickly and easily.

  • Doors & seats: All Model S are five-door and have five seats

  • battery: 100 kWh lithium-ion battery (maximum range) | 130 kWh lithium-ion battery (plaid) | 130 kWh lithium-ion battery (Plaid +)

  • Range: 663 kilometers | 628 kilometers | 840 kilometers

  • Top speed: 250 km / h | 322 km / h | 320 km / h

  • power: 670 hp | 1020 hp | 1,100+ bhp

  • acceleration: 3.2 seconds | 2.1 seconds | 2.1 seconds

  • Consumption (per 100 kilometers): 18.9 kWh | 20 kWh | -

  • List price: 86,990 euros | 116,990 euros | 139,990 euros

  • You can see a test of the Model S here.

Model 3: The mid-range car

The Model 3 is Tesla's mid-range car. It is also available in three versions: Standard Plus, Long Range and Performance. The Standard Plus variant has rear-wheel drive, while the other two are equipped with all-wheel drive with dual motors. An all-round camera and a forward-facing radar as well as ultrasonic sensors detect objects and hazards. You can also book the autopilot on Model 3.

There are also differences in the interior fittings. Regardless of the model, you can look forward to a tinted glass roof with UV and infrared protective layer, electrically foldable and heated side mirrors, playing music and other media via Bluetooth, as well as individual driver profiles. The Standard Plus also offers front seats with twelve electric adjustment functions and seat heating. Premium seat covers and trim as well as the upgrade audio system with sound field processor are also included. The center console has storage compartments and four USB ports. It also enables wireless charging for two cell phones.

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With the Long Range and Performance versions, you can enjoy the premium interior package. This also comes with twelve adjustment functions for the front seats. There is seat heating for the front and rear seats. In addition to the sound field processor, the premium audio system offers 14 loudspeakers, a subwoofer and two amplifiers. The center console with four USB ports and simultaneous charging of two smartphones is also available. There are also LED fog lights and interior floor mats. A special plus: You get premium connectivity for one year free of charge. Among other things, this offers you satellite maps with real-time traffic flow display and online streaming.

  • Doors & seats: The Standard Plus and Performance models are four-door, the Long Range is a five-door; all models have five seats.

  • battery: 50 kWh lithium-ion battery (Standard Plus) | 75 kWh lithium-ion battery (long range) | 75 kWh lithium-ion battery (performance)

  • Range: 448 kilometers | 580 kilometers | 567 kilometers

  • Top speed: 225 km / h | 233 km / h | 261 km / h

  • power: 283 hp | 440 hp | 513 hp

  • acceleration: 5.6 seconds | 4.4 seconds | 3.3 seconds

  • Consumption (per 100 kilometers): 14.1 kWh | 14.1 kWh | 15 kWh

  • List price: 39,990 euros | 49,990 euros | 54,990 euros

  • You can see a test of the Model 3 here.

Model X: The electric SUV

The Tesla SUV has space for seven passengers. It is available in the variants maximum range and plaid. Both models have a dual engine all-wheel drive. And just like the other models, the Model X is way ahead in terms of safety: 360 degree cameras, ultrasonic sensors, side impact protection, an extra large crumple zone and the front trunk reduces the risk of injury in the event of an accident. A HEPA filter integrated into the ventilation system reliably removes pollen, germs, viruses and pollutants from the outside air in the car interior.

The SUV also has a 17-inch screen as a control center with which you can manage all driving settings. And for your passengers, this and the smaller screen for the back seat can be used for video games. The 960 watt audio system is the same as the Model S and the charging options are the same.

  • Doors & seats: Both versions of the Model X are five-door and have seven seats.

  • battery: 100 kWh lithium-ion battery (maximum range) | 130 kWh lithium-ion battery (plaid)

  • Range: 580 kilometers | 547 kilometers

  • Top speed: 250 km / h | 262 km / h

  • power: 670 hp | 1,020 hp

  • acceleration: 3.9 seconds | 2.6 seconds

  • Consumption (per 100 kilometers): 20.8 kWh | 22.6 kWh

  • List price: 95,990 euros | 116,990 euros

  • You can see a test of the Model X here.

Model Y: Second Tesla SUV comes in 2021

The Model Y SUV is based on the Model 3. While the Stromer has been available in America since March 2020, European Tesla drivers have to be patient until 2021 and the opening of the Tesla Gigafactory at the gates of Berlin. Only then can you also buy the three versions of the Model Y - standard, maximum range and performance - in this country. So far, however, more details are only known about the maximum range and performance variants. Both have dual-motor all-wheel drive.

  • Doors & seats: Both variants are five-door and have five seats.

  • battery: 75 kWh lithium-ion battery (maximum range) | 75 kWh lithium-ion battery (performance)

  • Range: 505 kilometers | 480 kilometers

  • Top speed: 217 km / h | 241 km / h

  • power: 345 PS | 450 hp

  • acceleration: 5.1 seconds | 3.7 seconds

  • Consumption (per 100 kilometers): - | -

  • List price: 58,620 euros | 65,620 euros