How is Randyll Tarly supposed to die?

Why didn't Randyll Tarly avenge the theft of the family sword?

The Tarly Seal is a striding hunter, red on green. Your house words are "First in Battle".

The Tarly words are "First in Battle". During course seasons 6 and 7, viewers learn that Randyll Tarly, the head of his house, swore allegiance to House Tyrell, but switched allegiance to House Lannister upon the arrival of Danaerys Targaryen, leading him to his ultimate fate .

Although it can be said that Randyll certainly did employed To really care about the sword, since it appears to be following the words of his own house, it is easy to speculate that Randyll Tarlys The way of thinking was to prefer the duty of military pursuit to sentimental relics of memory . And like many in Westoros, he did not believe in the return of the White Walkers and so there was no real need for him to use or fixate on that particular sword.

"I'm a Tarly. This name means something. We are not oath breakers . We are not schemers. We don't stab our rivals in the back or cut their throats at weddings. "- Randyll Tarly to Jaime Lannister

In addition, IMO, the point of choice to have Sam take the sword parallel to Randyll Tarley, was mainly used to make one of the larger issues of game of Thrones about fate, compassion, cruelty and / or mercy to establish. Randyll Tarly, despite what he said to Jaime Lannister in the above quote (because his change in allegiance is in question), was a cruel man with a narrow perspective on life.

Season 7 spoilers

After the battle ends, Randyll and Dickon, along with the surviving soldiers, are captured by Lannister and Tarly and introduced to Daenerys herself, who demands that they bend their knees or die. Randyll refuses and explains that Cersei is already his queen.

He showed little to no love for Sam and would not even ask for mercy, not even for the sake of his other son Dicken, when the opportunity came after the Battle of Goldroad.

Samwell then "deserves" the sword, because he is compassionate, loyal, hardworking, outgoing, and a purer character with good and honorable intentions. He is also a character who will NEED a Valyrian steel sword in the major battles to come, as he is obviously a long-term character.

Even if you entertained the idea that Randyll Tarly took care of the sword and sent men to get it back, considering that the story has a limited time with last season, there isn't really much this particular one for Subplot could make an emotional difference because the story, because these men have never met the audience, fails to sum up the painful dynamic, as if it is Randyll himself who comes to retrieve them. The only thing I could see the series offer is an unexpected "wrench" at the worst possible time.

Darth Locke

Just to add. I think Martin is asking us with this dynamic between Sam and his father, what is the use of being "first in battle" if you don't care about others? What are you really fighting for? And the truth for Sam is that love was the birth of duty, in which he may meet and exceed expectations of the words of his family home where his father failed.