What is underestimated about Donald Trump?

Donald Trump - underestimated as always

The American attorney general Barr was always considered one of the most loyal companions of President Trump. However, his letter of resignation now shows deeply.

Historical moments are often misunderstood in their true scope in the turmoil of current events. Hardly anything illustrates this better than the departure of the US Attorney General William Barr, who this week caused malice among political opponents. One particularly venomous columnist described Barr's resignation letter to President Donald Trump as the work of a drool who even boasted praise for his boss when he was shown at the door.

In reality, the degree of deference to the outgoing President could easily have been increased in the letter of resignation. Barr managed to get the word "you" four times in a sentence only once. And does the phrase "Few could have withstood these attacks" really do justice to Trump's unique strength of character? Barr also only cursively refers to his “unprecedented achievements”.

Barr's arid letter hides too many of these successes: First of all, there is the unprecedented strengthening of civic awareness in the United States. Not only did the president make a decisive contribution to increasing voter turnout this year by 15 percent. It is only thanks to him that the meeting of the electoral committee on Monday received unprecedented attention. Whereas the media had earlier dismissed the "Electoral College" as an obscure outgrowth of an archaic electoral system, the major television broadcasters now showed live how the electors met and voted.

Barr also passed over the example of political stubbornness set by Trump: While the Democrat Al Gore immediately buckled after a judgment that was unfavorable to him 20 years ago ("In the interests of our unity as a people and the strength of our democracy, I admit my defeat"), he is fighting Trump continues undeterred even after two negative Supreme Court decisions. The inspiration this exerts worldwide is shown by the case of Ghana, where the second-placed presidential candidate, John Mahama, also known as "Trump of Ghana", is now also insisting on his victory. Speaking of foreign countries: The reports that an American military unit in Germany confiscated a server from a manufacturer of voting software and thus made evidence of fraud in the USA disappear, underline once again how overdue the troop withdrawal from Germany was ordered by Trump.

The failed minister, who on top of that has still not completed his investigation into electoral fraud, suppresses this and much more. High time to find a more capable servant of Justice!