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Arkansas - Vacation in Nature

Granted, Arkansas can't boast high mountains or huge national parks. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, this country, which is one of the southernmost states of the USA, is definitely worth a visit. Because the vast landscapes are not only breathtakingly beautiful, they are also comparatively easy to conquer.

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An "empty" country with many neighbors | Precious stones and exciting caves | Hot Springs National Park is worth the trip | Hotels, Apartments and Vacation Rentals | Fresh air and lots of exercise

In Arkansas, you don't have to be a climber to climb a mountain and you don't have to be an extreme athlete to safely scour the forests. The subtropical climate does the rest to make Arkansas a popular destination for a family vacation. At best, you should avoid July and August. Then, with well over 30 degrees Celsius and high humidity, it might be a bit too hot for one or the other activity. Otherwise, the whole year is a good time to travel. Even in the winter months it rarely gets colder than 10 degrees. Nevertheless, the weather never gets boring. In Arkansas, violent thunderstorms occur regularly and at any time of the year.

An "empty" country with many neighbors

The border between Arkansas and Tennessee and between Arkansas and Mississippi is defined in the east by the course of the Mississippi River. The neighbors to the west live in Texas and Oklahoma. Arkansas borders Missouri to the north and Louisiana to the south. The state is relatively sparsely populated, and the almost three million people who live here have plenty of space.

There are currently 21 inhabitants per square kilometer of land. So it is obvious that Arkansas has no mega-metropolises to offer. The cities are rather tranquil. This even applies to the capital, Little Rock, for which a visit should be planned. In the "William J. Clinton Presidential Center" everything revolves around the greatest son in Arkansas’s recent history. Bill Clinton was elected 42nd President of the United States at the age of 46, making him the youngest head of state to ever serve in the United States. That was a little while ago - Bill Clinton was born in 1946. His birthplace is Hope, Arkansas.


Precious stones and exciting caves

The Presidential Center is definitely worth a visit, but the Arkansas hot springs are a must. The starting point for this unique experience is the town that got its name from precisely these springs: Hot Springs. From there it is only a stone's throw to the national park of the same name. There are nearly fifty hot springs in this park alone. If you want to bask in it, you are welcome to do so. Somewhat old-fashioned-looking bathing houses, as we know them from earlier seaside resorts, invite you to change clothes. Incidentally, you shouldn't be too revealing in Arkansas, even in remote nature. There could always be someone coming by - and Arkansas is a very prude! The prudery and religiosity there are taking on really unusual proportions in some radical groups - so be careful! Especially homosexual couples (but also heterosexual ones) should refrain from expressing love in public.

Hot Springs National Park is worth the trip

In addition to the Hot Springs National Park, a visit to the caves is an essential part of a stay in Arkansas. The most famous caves are the Blanchard Springs Caverns, whose stalactite cave is unparalleled in the USA. A sparkling mineral treasure hidden in Arkansas is even completely unique. The USA has the only diamond deposit here. It goes without saying that visitors can dig for it themselves. For a fee, you can go out into the mine and start digging. This is a lot of fun, especially for children. The adults are more likely to be happy if they actually find what they are looking for. There is a clear rule that everyone can actually keep the gemstones they find here. A trip to the mine is definitely worth it, even if you can't find anything. In the visitor center there is a lot of information about the mine and you can of course also spend the night there, have a picnic or eat in the restaurant and of course buy souvenirs. Anyone traveling with a caravan will find a parking space here with all the trimmings.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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Fresh air and lots of exercise

Sports and outdoor activities are very important in Arkansas; both with the residents and with the visitors. Riding, water sports, golfing, hiking - everything is possible here! Arkansas is crossed by interesting rivers and has beautiful lakes to offer. Nature experiences for those who like or need something a little more leisurely are available from the river cruise ship or on car tours through picturesque landscapes. Cultural stops can be made at numerous museums, festivals and memorials. One example that is representative of many is the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum in the small town of Piggott. There, in the parents' house of his second wife Pauline, Ernest Hemingway wrote many short stories and large parts of his novel “A Farewell to Arms” (German title: “In Another Land”, Amazon link).