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There is one thing to keep in mind when you come to Los Angeles for the first time: The city is HUGE! I'm pretty sure that when we book a flight to L.A. from our comparatively "small" European cities, we have no idea how huge this destination city in the USA actually is. Imagine that you are not driving into one, but several cities that are all close to each other and are connected by busy “highways” and “freeways”.

There is simply no simple explanation for the Los Angeles phenomenon, which can be either heaven or hell - both progressive, sparkling business metropolis and neglected streets that hardly anyone cares about. Whether urbanity, miles of beaches or remote villas - all of this is Los Angeles, lined up on dead straight streets that seem infinitely long. A city for a short trip? Just as impossible as “walking” anything here. Here the city is not thought of as a whole, but measured in parts of the city!

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A rental car is compulsory in Los Angeles

The best way to experience Los Angeles is by car. A rental car is the most convenient way to get from A to B in this city, where distances and highlights are all designed for motorists. Public transport in the sense of bus and train does exist, but connections are not sufficient everywhere in places that are not centrally located every now and then, these sometimes huge distances take a long time and you have to change trains a few times.

Downtown L.A.

Downtown L.A. is the beating heart of this city monster in SoCal, South California. Here, public cultural sites and parks are lined up next to the glass tower canyons of the financial district, and you can find delicious food here Delicatessen insider tips between homeless housing and modern Christian sacred buildings. Everything is so close together that you can actually get around this part of Los Angeles ‘on foot or quickly by bus. Even a metro runs along here, which cannot be said of every part of the city.

Bunker Hill

Those interested in culture should head north towards Bunker Hill, Grand Avenue or Hope St. At the height of W 2nd St you will come to the famous Walt Disney Concert Hall past. Even if you don't have a concert in mind, you should stop by here. The architecture is so remarkable that the exterior of the home of the L.A. Philharmonic Orchestra alone is a highlight of the city. In 2003 the imposing steel building with its numerous curves and curved lines was built by Frank Gehry, who has set himself a monument with it. Visitors have already said that it reminded them of ships in the waves of the oceans.

Grand Park

We continue along N Grand Avenue northwards, where you will first find the beautiful Grand Park receives. It's a great place to relax and recharge your batteries, and it's a popular spot for hard-working downtowners to take their lunch break. It goes further up to the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angelsthat from the outside probably doesn't seem like a church, especially a cathedral. In fact, the cathedral is designed so atypically and modern that you should definitely see it for that alone, even if you don't have much to do with churches! Once again the “New World” has set its own standards here and in a world full of “multiculturalism” has created a neutral place based solely on one unifying belief. The Church is actually Catholic, but it seems so neutrally built that the impression arises that the Church can be the point of contact for all cultures. Last but not least, Sunday mass is translated into 42 languages ​​(!). After the original church was too badly damaged by several earthquakes, the new cathedral was then built in its current location. In 2002 the final blessing of the building took place. This makes the church one of the youngest in world history!

Grand Central Market

If you value freshly prepared and healthy food, it is generally not so easy in the USA. Either the food source is very hidden or it can be quite expensive. A great change and one of my absolute insider tips is that Grand Central Market at 317 S Broadway, Downtown Los Angeles! Here you have a really large covered market, where you not only have the most delicious ingredients, but also freshly prepared food for immediate consumption. A real oasis of well-being for every gourmet and definitely a nice change from the otherwise exuberant range of fast food!

Downtown L.A. Financial District

Ever been out and about in the sweltering heat in Manhattan? Is it not? Then you can do that now and you might even see a palm tree on the way from time to time! ;) The buildings between the southern Hope and Figueroa Streets are part of the city's financial district and, with their glass facades and skyscraper towers, give you the impression that you are actually walking through the beating heart of New York. As in many places in L.A., there are no central points of contact. The area is the highlight here. Take a stroll along what is perhaps the most important artery, W 7th St, and let yourself be drawn into the many shops and small bistros that are lined up here. (Tip for bargain seekers: Macy’s is always worth a visit!)

Staples Center

Seldom have you experienced so many entertainment options as there is in Staples Center the case is. There is really pure entertainment here, with constant events related to the calendar, each one more spectacular than the other. Do you want to see sporting events? Here are the L.A. Lakers just as at home as the Clippers (also basketball), the Kings (ice hockey) and the Sparks (women's basketball). In addition, WWE events take place here regularly. And by the way, of course, the biggest stars from all over the world regularly come here. In 2015 alone, performance artists like Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift and Enrique Iglesias are coming with Pitbull. You can also let off steam here, because the Staples Center with the accompanying L.A. Live offers you an entertainment world with shops, restaurants and even hotels. So stop by and check out the events for the time you're here. Definitely worth it!

The best beaches in Los Angeles

Palm leaves through which the sun shines, promenades on which good-looking people in little clothing drive past on roller skates or even go on foot, while the waves of the Pacifichow they hit the rocks ... We all have certain images in mind when we look at them Beaches Los Angeles ‘ think. And should I tell you something: They are all true! Beach beauties, tanned skaters on the ramp, muscle-packed posers on the so-called "Muscle Beach" - none of this is fake and also not created in any studios, you can really discover all of this when you go to the miles of coastline LA which is divided into different beach sections.

Malibu - "Two and a half men" send their regards

Further north you can Malibu discover. A mixture of surfer's paradise and private beaches in front of huge villas offers you here, which we have all seen one time or another in the series "Two and a half men" have seen. Swimming is unfortunately not allowed in view of the large number of surfers, but a walk where you can dip your feet in the sea and the sun sinks into the horizon is absolutely heavenly!

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of the most popular stretches of beach. But don't worry - the coast here has been so extensively filled with sand that you don't have to feel like the famous sardine in a can here. The world famous Santa Monica Pier, which we have all been able to admire many times in television productions and movies, not only offers you the official end of the Route 66, here you can also discover all kinds of things: In addition to restaurants and souvenir shops, there is a real small amusement park here! A ferris wheel and a roller coaster are just a few of the attractions. There is also a really breathtaking view of Los Angeles! Sometimes even some of the notorious sharks that live off the California coast are sighted here.

Venice Beach

Further south it goes seamlessly to "Little Venice, “Which probably bears this name because of its one or two channels. The beach section Venice Beach it really has it all: What is special here is not the great sand and the sea, but rather the "Ocean Front Walk", where life is bustling! Artists exhibit their goods, pretty bistros invite you for a tasty snack and on the promenade it's all about: see and be seen. In addition there is the famous "Muscle Beach, “Where sporty women and especially men show what they can do with public equipment. Everyone can participate - but don't be embarrassed!

Glitter & Glamor: Hollywood, L.A.

Of course, when we think of Los Angeles, we IMMEDIATELY think of all the stars and starlets that are here. Here are the huge villas, hidden talents manage to grow or sink into oblivion. There is showbiz on every corner. It can happen that as an uninvolved passer-by, unsuspecting, you are asked whether you would like to attend the “audition” taking place next door, if you have only leaned against the wall of the house ...

As a tourist, walking down the most famous sidewalk in the world, the Walk of Fame, quasi a duty. Here you can discover one or the other "star" along the more than 2,500 stars. The most famous is the forecourt of the TCL Chinese Theater, on which, in addition to the many tourists, there are also hand and footprints with the personal signatures of the very big ones. In search of “real stars” you can also book one or two tours along Hollywood Boulevard through Beverly Hills and Mullholland Drive, which is not far away. These “Star Gazing Tours” bring you to the gates of the most ostentatious and famous villas that tower over the city.

Breathtaking views of L.A.

If you fancy a spectacular view of (almost) all of Los Angeles that surpasses everything, you should go to Griffith Park and the one that goes with it Observatory pay a visit. Located on a mountain, you have a really overwhelming view: You see over the skyscrapers in downtown, along the grid-shaped streets almost to the sea and you are also there Hollywood lettering very close! A guarantee for unforgettable impressions and great photos!

That tooGetty Center offers you a great view over Los Angeles and lies further towards the sea, in the hills above Santa Monica. Here you can let off steam culturally: Impressive art from different epochs of the European "Old World" is exhibited here in the museum. Based on the belief of the founder J. Paul Getty that high-quality art should be made accessible to the public, he founded the initially small museum in 1954, which today consists of several buildings with its own research facility.

Los Angeles nightlife

As long as you are 21 years of age or older and have an ID or passport that confirms this, the nightlife in Los Angeles is open to you! In Downtown and West Hollywood, for example, you can discover numerous bars and clubs. In Downtown, among other things, this is the place to be Golden Gopher on, a cozy after hour bar with charming staff and a very large selection of American beers.

That too Catcher in the Rye north of Hollywood offers a nice, cozy atmosphere and a great selection of delicious cocktails named after famous books. In general: As huge as the city is, the choice of nightlife options is just as huge! As I said at the beginning: Here people think in terms of districts. And so you can just take a look around your neighborhood and fish out a highlight or two there. In no case should you forget: In the USA it is not allowed to drink alcohol in public on the street!

My top tips for parties and dinners with the stars

You shouldn't miss a hot party night in L.A. - provided you are older than 21 years. Because it is only from this age onwards that you are considered to be of legal age in the USA. The club is particularly popular 1OAK on the Sunset Strip. VIP areas, flowing champagne and wealthy guests are the order of the day and night and make this club extremely popular. Anyone who embarks on a night of partying in Los Angeles should definitely get some refreshment beforehand. Exclusive kitchen from Oscar cook For example, there is Wolfgang Puck at Spago. Not only do you get the best selection of wines in all of L.A., no, the creations of the gourmet chef have also been convincing Academy Award guests for years.

Real fans of Robert de Niro get their money's worth twice when it comes to dinner: two restaurants, the Ago and the Nobu, are run by this actor, among others. While you can enjoy Italian cuisine at Ago, Asian dishes are on the menu at Nobu. Here you are guaranteed to meet some stars: Selena Gomez, the Kardashian / Jenner Clan and many, many other celebrities let the fish melt in the mouth at Nobu.

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