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Best Of 2020: The 25 best metal albums of the year

Will the underground of greats like Ozzy Osbourne, Heaven Shall Burn and Lamb Of God be dangerous? The laut.de authors have voted.

Quarantine (mab) - 2020 will go down in history as a special one, including that of metal. After all, the scene lost essential elements in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic: concerts and festivals. No mosh pits, no walls of death, no mud battles in the summer open air reef storm and no hair in the mouth that the people standing next to you hit in the face while headbanging.

It's good that there was at least no shortage of new hearing material for the home system. Ten genre-aware laut.de authors have put together and ranked the best metal records of the year for you.

The 25 best metal albums of 2020

It was an exciting race this year, if only because three bands fought to defend their title: Napalm Death, the 2015 winners, the Heir to the throne Testament in 2016 and Pain Of Salvation, who won in 2017. The three favorites got stiff competition from, among others, Psychotic Waltz, who ended their release break of more than two decades in 2020 and confirmed their reputation as an extraordinary force in progressive metal. As the spearhead of a younger generation, Lamb Of God, Trivium and Bury Tomorrow kept their quality standards. Code Orange polarized and the mainstream darlings Bring Me The Horizon found their way back to the riffs after recent pop excursions.

Not to forget: The Godfather Of Metal, Ozzy Osbourne, made a strong comeback with his late work "Ordinary Man", not to mention the Elder Statesmen of Gothic Doom, Paradise Lost. And, that much can be revealed: four acts from German-speaking countries also had a say in the voting - but it wasn't Heaven Shall Burn.

Of course, like every year, the question arose: what is still metal and what is not? For nominations, everything with a metal influence is metal - be it prog rock, hard rock, hardcore or Nintendo Djent. We are tolerant and look forward to discussions.

The ranking was created with the help of the laut.de authors Alex Klug, Toni Hennig, Yan Vogel, Michael Edele, Stefan Johannesberg, Mirco Leier, Olaf Schmidt, Gil Bieler, Dominik Kautz and Manuel Berger.