Why do most people hate Samsung's TouchWiz

How Samsung prevailed with the Galaxy S7

Samsung has finally convinced me.

I hated Samsung Android phones for a long time - basically as long as Samsung made Android phones. I've tried them differently over the years and each of them left me with an incredibly strong urge to throw the phone around the room (and I did it once). Then I tried the Galaxy S7 Edge and everything changed.

Samsung: To love some things, to hate a lot more

I've been an Android user since the original Motorola Droid, and I've used more phones than I can count in the past six or seven years. But no matter how much I love a phone, I always have a desire to try new things, so I end up switching often. Since Samsung has been omnipresent in the Android world, I have of course come across its cell phones several times - from the plastic, battery-buffered Galaxy Nexus to several decent Galaxy tablets. However, I avoided most of them due to Samsung's proprietary TouchWiz interface.

Finally, in an effort to be “fair” and learn Why Samsung made the most popular Android phones in the market. I decided to use the Galaxy S5 as my main phone when it came out. Never have I ever used a phone that frustrated me so much.

First of all, the software was pretty hideous. Samsung really knew how to make something that looked pretty good in general - standard Android - and make it look like this dreadful. Terrible color schemes across the system, an intricate settings menu, and a super-tacky launcher made for a pretty terrible software experience. I am still thinking about it.

Then there was the hardware: like many other Samsung phones, it felt cheap, mainly because of the thin plastic back. Of course, most of my anger got through the damn home button. I can feel my blood pressure go up just by thinking about it.

Here is the scenario: the phone is in my pocket and I lean over to do something. About three seconds later I hear music. What? Where does it come from? Oh it's just my stupid cell phone that somehow got loose in my pocket because I moved in the wrong direction. Rage.

That happened at least once a day. I was trying to take out a table and load it into a truck for my mother-in-law and all of a sudden my bag starts rocking. I was angry. At that time, I threw the phone.

The logical answer was a secure lockscreen - without the right pattern, the phone in my pocket won't unlock. However, this was a half-hearted solution. I could hear the screen being touched the whole time. Out of my pocket. While it's no longer unlocked, the bigger problem is that the display still turns on with the slightest touch.

So I wasn't a fan of the Galaxy S5.

The Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, and S6 Edge + all came and went. After the S7 Edge was released, I got one for work and expected to hate it too. But then something unexpected happened: it didn't suck. I was in disbelief - a Samsung phone that I didn't immediately hate? Whoa.

So I kept talking on the phone and over the next few weeks (yes, two weeks!) It convinced me one hundred percent. This is the best Android phone I've ever used. Ever.

Samsung has fixed all of the problems with the S5

Everything I hated about the S5 - the home button, questionable building materials, and ugly software - was fixed with the S7.

It still has a home button that I don't really like, I've never turned it on in my pocket, regardless of what I do or how I move. I'm not sure what was wrong with the S5, but the S7 is much better in that regard.

And the processing quality? Oh man. I know Samsung stepped up their game with the S6, but it did Really Work on the S7 and S7 Edge. These phones are as high quality as Premium, and they look and feel like this. The aluminum / glass construction is beautiful all around and they are so solidly built. You feel great told - like a damn good Pieces of premium hardware; You know, because that's what they are. They're even waterproof!

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Finally there is the software. While it's still very "Samsung-y", TouchWiz has come a long way over the years. It's a lot leaner than before, and while the launcher isn't basically very good just yet, a quick switch to Nova fixed that. The Settings menu is 100 percent less obnoxious than before, as it now has a very similar layout to the material - no more tabbed junk (seriously, what a mess that was). It might not be an inventory, but the software is great.

The S7 is consistent quality

What makes the S7 so good? I can answer this question in one sentence: There's nothing that can make it bad. It may seem obvious, but it is true. The display is amazing - it's vibrant but not oversaturated (as can be Super AMOLED). ultra sharp and the perfect size. While I admit the "edge" thing is still just a gimmick, it definitely gives this phone a sleek, modern, and futuristic look. In comparison, all the other phones just look dated to me. (If you really hate it, Samsung also offers the non-Edge S7.)

As I mentioned earlier, the camera is amazing. In fact, it is hands down the best camera that you can find on a smartphone today. To be honest, I think this is the first smartphone that can do that indeed Replace your point-and-shoot mode with little loss of quality. It is particularly impressive when other smartphone cameras fall short: in poor lighting conditions. Sure, it's not DSLR quality - but it is Damn it impressive for a smartphone. That was honestly one of the toughest things to do when I think of going back to the Nexus 6P. There's just no competition in the camera department.

But wait, there's more! Two words: battery life. Unprecedented Battery life (okay, three words). The Galaxy S7 Edge is absolutely unreal in this area. While my 6P - which probably has the best battery life of a Nexus ahead of it - fluctuates around 50-60 percent until 2:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m., the S7 often doesn't reach the 50 percent mark until I get to bed at night. Of course, it sinks more the more I use it, but I didn't even have to do a midday charge once since I've been using it full time for my job). Even if it looks like it's running out, I pretty much always know it will get me through the day. It's a beast.

And when I need to charge it, I get the best of both worlds: fast and wireless charging. Fainting. When I go to bed I can just drop it on the super simple (but slower) wireless charger. In the opportunities that I have Really I used it during the day and drained the battery. With a turbocharger, I can recharge it quickly. Having the choice between fast and wireless charging on the same phone is a dream.

All of this without mentioning the performance, which, to be honest, takes a back seat - everything is like that in order to Well, performance is one of those things that I don't have to think about. This is a high-end phone that works as expected. The hardware is there and it's a lightning-fast machine every day. I think it's great that I never have to worry about how to do it faster - it just does what it does, consistently.

I tried going back to my Nexus 6P a few days ago - I was back at the S7 Edge within a day. Don't get me wrong, I still love Nexus phones, but the Galaxy S7 is not only the best Android phone right now, it's also the best Android phone ever. Period.

And I never thought I'd say that. Hats from Samsung for turning that hate into a galaxy lover.