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"Stolen" things

New television programs “Frei von der Lippe” (MDR) and “Ask den Lippe” (COMEDY CENTRAL)

The first three episodes of the TV show ran for New Years, Easter Sunday (23.03.08) and Whit Monday (12.05.08) "Free from the lip" in the MDR (which is broadcast at irregular intervals). In it Jürgen von der Lippe gets to the bottom of the pitfalls of the German language. You could say that this program is the TV equivalent of Bastian Sicks language columns on «Spigel Online».

The TV show broadcast in March / April 2008 is also new «Ask the lip» at the special interest broadcaster COMEDY CENTRAL. This is by and large a panel show like “Genial besides”, whereby the questions and answers here have almost nothing to do with reality. A “life coaching show” that is not meant very seriously, that is how the program is described, because “Lebenshilfe” sounds too far-fetched, said Jürgen von der Lippe at the beginning of the first program. And he's right, the focus is on the fun factor. Jürgen von der Lippe asks the questions and has them answered by a three-person, weekly changing "team of experts"; Désirée Nick, Vince Ebert, Olaf Schubert, Florian Schroeder and Dr. Welf Haeger.

The reference to his Hawaiian shirts is clearly missing here!

Not just Hawaii !!
But with a link, please: Hawaiian shirt

It reads quite nicely ...

in his youth he was an altar boy in the Catholic Church.

and then in the next section to mention that his father worked as a bartender, but is that really worth the entry at this point? ... not his father's job, but the entry on the existence of an altar boy.

No one other than Jürgen von der Lippe brought this supposed contrast into play when he said in an interview with the magazine "TV Spielfilm": "Let me say that about the" Church ": My father was the best bartender in Aachen Striptease bar. This is how I celebrated my sixteenth birthday in this bar, although I was of course torn because of the Catholic moral codes I knew. " --Hildegund 22:50, Aug 16, 2005 (CEST)

Jürgen von der Lippe already played a Catholic priest (in a double role) in the comedy Nich with Leo.

Wasn't that a triple role?

I'm not sure anymore, but there was the pastor, the (strip?) Bar owner and the somewhat limited brother from the military. -- 19:23, Feb 16, 2006 (CET)

Was it. --Al "Vis" Pinski 00:31, May 13, 2006 (CEST)

Foreign Legionnaire! --Jupp, 8:25 AM, Sep 26, 2006 (CEST)


A special unforgivability is the forgetting of his legendary "Sauerlandlied", about Josef Stratenkötter, who drills for oil and also finds it and from then on calls himself Jussuf ben Stratenkötter ...

Jupp, 08:25, 26 Sep 2006 (CEST)

His stage name comes from the fact that the river Lippe has its source near his birthplace

The river Lippe does not originate in the vicinity of its natal Bad Salzuflen (Lippe district) but about 70 km away in Bad Lippspringe (Paderborn district). If you are born as a real Lipper in the Lippe district, what could be more natural than to incorporate this fact into the artist name!

The Lippe River has nothing in common with the Lippe District and the Principality of Lippe, despite having the same name, the river does not touch the Lippe District (geographically) either. - Rolf -

Removed lip bleating in the post?

Why have you now removed lip bluffing again, that belongs in there.

who erased that?

Comedy Prize 2006

The prize was given to him as an honorary prize, I would delete it "for his life's work". And then there is still no reference to support / management. --Pehlgrimm 15:41, 23 Aug 2007 (CEST)

"Big Men" (2001)

Well folks, I wrote that into the article a long time ago with the "Best-Of-Sampler". After finally hearing "Big Men", I can't leave it like that! It is a matter of new versions many of his old hits. Even the opener "Guten Morgen liebe Sorge" is NOT the 1987 chart version. However, "Hubert Mint" is the 1985 original from "Teuflisch Gut". So it seems like a mix of old and new. -andy 8:39 PM, Jul 9, 2008 (CEST)


I don't know why, but they are arranged chronologically backwards. That's pretty pretty, but is of no use. Since the site is locked, no idea why, I'll let one of you fix that.


Stage programs

The following sentence does not agree with my opinion: A parody at the expense of Peter Maffay temporarily irritated the singer (a play on words turned the Romanian into a moray).

In an interview with Peter Maffay I heard that Maffay didn't care whether he was a Romanian or a moraine. It would have been the case that Maffay's record company found the play on words insulting and then filed a complaint against Jürgen von der Lippe, which would later have been dropped. He himself had nothing to do with it, said Maffay.

George Carlin

Many of von der Lippes' texts are almost 1: 1 translations of George Carlin texts from the 70s (shopping, Radio Total, some differences numbers, ...). Am I the first to notice this, or are there sources for this? Definitely seems worth mentioning to me. - 09:53, Nov. 7, 2008 (CET)

That's true. Also the story "Rache" from the album Good morning to all my worries is 1 to 1 stolen from Bill Cosby's "Revenge" from the album of the same name from 1967. Including every detail and disguised voices. Only the punch line at the end is "slightly" modified. - Messy 14:42, Jun 23, 2011 (CEST)

Typos under TV shows

In the entry: 1992–1994: Lippes Lachmix (Commedy, WDR television, 8 episodes and 4 specials) Comedy is currently written with 2 m. Maybe someone can correct that.

doneDone and page successfully unlocked using WP: Unlock requests. --Komischn 3:05 p.m., Jan. 9, 2009 (CET)

Moray eel

Now the question: I am aware that it is grammatically correct to write: ae Moray eel. JvdL describes PeterMaffay as a moray eel. "He's a moray". Should it now read in the article:

A parody at the expense of Peter Maffay temporarily irritated the singer, and a play on words made the Romanian a Moray eel.


A parody at the expense of Peter Maffay temporarily irritated the singer, and a play on words made the Romanian a Moray eel.

In that case, I'm concerned with the pun, in that case I would go to a tend, The person behind the IP disagrees here. If you were to say correctly: "Peter Maffay is a Romanian", you would also have to say: "Peter Maffay is a moray". --Screw dudstalk? 20:05, 16 Sep 2009 (CEST)

That's what I thought to myself, so I first looked for sources that prove that he is called "a moray" in the wording of the Lippe parody. Then I would have put it in quotes. But when I just found blogs and the like, I changed it to a moray eel off, which may be inaccurate but not wrong. Using the wrong gender without labeling is not possible, i.e., as it was before and as you suggest above, it should not be. If you have sources for the exact wording, you can put it in quotation marks. -- 8:21 PM, Sep 16 2009 (CEST)
Stop editing, it's like kindergarten - Killingfreak 1:23, 22 Sep. 2009 (CEST)
Do it halfway, please, it is far from being an editwar. We are discussing on the site and it was also a week ago, so please! --Screw dudstalk? 07:50, 22 Sep 2009 (CEST)

Deafness of the right ear

He himself addressed it once in 3 to 9. Source of the excerpt: III after nine - classics "Die Herrenrunde", broadcast on August 5th, 2011, 10:15 am. -- 11:07 AM, Aug 5, 2011 (CEST)

Incorrect: "Title of nobility" Freiherr ""

Incorrect: "Title of nobility" Freiherr ""

Because all titles of nobility have been abolished since 1919. They are only parts of names. -- 02:10, Apr 29, 2012 (CEST)

What do you want to tell us now in connection with Jürgen von der Lippe? --Schraubbüschchen (discussion) 02:38, Apr 29, 2012 (CEST)
Is he actually allowed to use the name legally, even though he is not a blue blood? -Honza (discussion) 8:36 pm, Aug 1, 2014 (CEST)

Of course he is allowed to, privileges of the nobility have been abolished in Germany since 1919, there is no longer a heraldry and anyone can add a title of nobility as an artist name. He then has just as much salary as the former nobility titles, which are now only part of the name and no longer any titles. You just have to be careful that you do not get any legal problems if you take the name of a real person. (unsigned post by88.65.203.211 (discussion) 21:31, Aug 16, 2014 (CEST))

"Hit" Kreuzberg nights with leaf shot

It is true that JvdL is a founding member of the Blattschuß brothers is the "hit" Kreuzberg nights However, Beppo Pohlmann composed and wrote the lyrics on his own and according to JvdL's own statement on TV, where I unfortunately can no longer find the source, he was not active in the group at this time. There are no recordings by JvdL in the ZDF hit parade. Thus it is probably incorrect to claim in a dictionary that he had (without active participation) "this hit with this group". Loggediteur (discussion) 10:17, 27 Sep. 2015 (CEST)

Magic shop

It doesn't exist for a long time.

Legend of German television?

Jürgen von der Lippe has now been dubbed a legend on German television several times. He never was. The man was always just a left-wing Hansel that the WDR pushed into the main program. He was never really popular. -- 05:45, Oct. 24, 2020 (CEST)