How many shows have you seen

Translation of "Konzert hast" in English

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Which one Concert you last seen
If you have big plans for a new cafe, movie, or Concerthe might want to come with you when the time comes.
If you have big plans to check out a new bar, movie, or concert, he may want to join you when the time comes.
NP: Thank you! Which one Concert you seen
NP: Thank you! Which gig did you see?
With this one Concert you the unique opportunity to hear André speak in his own charming Maastricht dialect.
This concert gives you a unique chance to hear André speaking in his own very charming Maastricht dialect.

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Which Concerts you visited as a spectator in the last few months? Never.
Which concerts have you visited as a spectator in recent months? Never.
J: And I think it's like that at the festivals because you don't have a soundcheck like normal Concerts.
J> And I think it's like that on festivals, you don't have a soundcheck as you have in regular shows.
NL: At WembleyConcert You started with "Fifties Child" and suddenly forgot the text! To what has You thought there?
NL: At the Wembley concert, you started off with "Fifties Child" and all of a sudden you forgot the words! what went through your mind?
I liked what you im concert played has.
If you have a hundred Concerts played hasIt is different than when you write your songs out of silence, far away from the stage, like with Fön.
If you have played a hundred concerts, it is different from writing your songs out of the silence, far away from the stage, like with hair dryer.
Was Maggie mad for you concert lost has?
What kind of emotions did you have when you did that concert watched has?
What emotions did you have when you watched this concert?
Say that you are a concert in Europe has or so.
In March / April 2002 has you Concerts given in Egypt and West Africa and had very violent experiences there.
In March / April 2002 you gave concerts in Egypt and West Africa and had very intense experiences there.
We were all with that concert, but you has stole the money.
I know we all went to the concert, but you're the one who stole the money.
After that concert in Venice has You a concert mentioned in Paris this fall.
When the conversation appears on mythical groups you are in concert seen has, the intestine has always turned me possibly the group that influenced me more in its just moment not to have been able to see in Orbitaler.
When there arises the conversation about mythical groups that you have seen in concert, the intestines have always stirred me for not c have seen to orbital, possibly the group that more influenced me in its just moment.
Yes Norway! (laughs) Do you remember yourself right in front of the concert felt has?
Yes, Norway! (laughs) Do you remember what you felt like, just before the concert?
You has so much from the concert-Critique deleted that it doesn't make sense.
You has nothing to mine yet concert said.
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