What is the bloodiest wrestling match ever

Wrestling: Those were the worst injuries

Wrestling is considered the largest entertainment show in the world: Muscular giants beat up their opponents in the ring. Even if the fights have been agreed, the clashes remain dangerous.

The WWE warns viewers in every broadcast (including "RAW", Thursday, 10:15 pm on Tele 5) not to re-enact the wrestling actions. But not even the professionals who have been trained for years are safe from injuries.

BILD shows the wrestling stars' sick files!

And don't say we didn't warn you!

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin (49)

We know “Stone Cold” Steve Austin as the toughest dog in the world, as a beer-drinking Red Neck who messes with God and the world, can never shut up and just knocks everyone out! With this attitude and role, the "Texas Rattlesnake" (Texas rattlesnake) became the most successful wrestler of all time in the late 1990s.

But this path to the top came to an end almost prematurely in the summer of 1997 - due to an incorrectly executed action. Steve Austin met Owen Hart at SummerSlam (the second biggest show of the year after Wrestlemania). Before the match, both agreed that Owen would perform a "tombstone piledriver" on Austin at the end of the fight (usually only shown by Undertaker) - but not on his knees, but on his buttocks.

Austin criticized this plan, according to his biography, but he assumed that an experienced wrestler like Owen Hart already knew what he was doing.

The cute side of the tough guys

After 16 minutes the spectacular action occurred - which broke Steve Austin's neck. As Owen Hart landed on his butt, Austin's head crashed straight onto the ring floor.

But see for yourself ...

Fortunately, Austin didn't have to hang up his wrestling boots after this injury. After a few months he was even able to get back into the ring and continue his way to wrestling Olympus.

However, this injury caused years of pain for Austin, which is why he had to end his career early in 2003.

Shawn Michaels (48)

Shawn Michaels has received many nicknames in his long wrestling career: "Mr. Wrestlemania ”,“ Heartbreak Kid ”and“ The Show Stopper ”. But his own show was put on hold for many years in January 1998.

At the “Royal Rumble” Shawn Michaels met the Undertaker in a coffin match (the wrestler who is put in the coffin by his opponent loses).

Shawn Michaels flew out of the ring during one action - nothing unusual in itself. However, exactly on this side was the closed coffin that Shawn crashed into with his lower back. He knew immediately that he was injured, but still brought the fight to an end. Diagnosis: Part of a spinal disc was destroyed and several vertebrae were broken - the end of the career seemed inevitable. Two months later he played his last match against Steve Austin.

However, four years later, Shawn Michaels made a triumphant return - his spine had recovered and he was enjoying the second spring of his career before finally retiring from wrestling in 2010.

Brock Lesnar (36)

Imagine you are in the most important fight of the year, surrounded by 60,000 fans - and you are shooting the all-important action!

This is exactly what happened to Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 19 (2003) in Seattle. He fought in the main fight against Kurt Angle for the WWE title - and wanted to close the match with a special event: a "Shooting Star Press".

Normally you only see this daring action in small and light wrestlers, but the beefy Brock Lesnar wanted to secure his place in history with this move.

Since he dominated the action but had never shown it in WWE, he wanted to surprise the audience. And he succeeded.

This is what a “Shooting Star Press” usually looks like

Unfortunately, Kurt Angle was too far from the corner of the ring, so that Lesnar had to jump very far. That was exactly what became his undoing.

Look for yourself...

Ouch! But here, too, it became clear that wrestling superstars are no wimps.

Although Lesnar hit his opponent head first and suffered a concussion, he ended the match a few minutes later as agreed. However, the tough dog revealed that he did not know where he was for a few seconds after landing.

Mick Foley (48)

There is probably no bone in the body of hardcore legend Mick Foley that hasn't been broken before.

A brief overview of the most important injuries:
★ Six concussions
★ Broken jaw
★ Broken nose twice
★ Four teeth knocked out
★ Two thirds of his right ear torn off
★ Broken shoulder

★ Operations: a total of more than 300 stitches on the arms, head, eyebrows, hand, chin, lip - 54 stitches on the left arm alone
★ Broken right fist
★ Second degree burns on the shoulder
★ Second degree burns on the arm

★ Broken ribs
★ Broken foot
★ Torn cruciate ligament

Where did all these injuries come from? Foley took part in the infamous barbed wire fights, for which the ring was surrounded by barbed wire instead of the ring ropes. A bloody affair.

Foley lost his ear in Munich when his head was trapped between the ring ropes. Since the ropes were too tight, Foley threatened to suffocate and tried with all his might to escape. His ear tore off.

The referee picked it up and brought it backstage. After the fight, Foley drove his ear to the hospital and explained to the nurse in broken German that they should save his ear. Unfortunately too late.

In 1998, Foley made a cage match against Undertaker for the most unusual fight in WWE history. In the first twelve minutes there were basically only two actions:

1. The Undertaker threw Mick Foley from the cage (about five meters high) through the commentators table

2. The Undertaker threw Mick Foley from the roof of the cage THROUGH the cage onto the hard ring floor

Still, Foley fought on (his tooth pierced his jaw and poked out his nose) to end up in a sea of ​​thumbtacks.

But see for yourself ...

And believe it or not. This crazy guy is a multiple bestselling author and writes children's books ...

And what are the rest of the cult wrestlers doing today?

Sabu (49)

This legendary wrestler abused his body just like Mick Foley did. Sabu is considered by fans and critics to be the craziest wrestler of all time.

His specialty was chasing himself and his opponents through tables.

Totally crazy: If the action didn't work and the table wasn't destroyed by the force of the impact, Sabu took a run and jumped through the wood himself.

No, that's not healthy! He was just as happy to tear his skin open in barbed wire fights. Countless scars all over his body bear witness to these brutal battles.

Not infrequently, the fire brigade had to cut Sabu and his opponent out of the barbed wire after the fight. Plaster on, done.

He suffered his most critical injury in 1994 in a fight with Chris Benoit. Due to a failed move Sabu landed right on the head and broke his neck.

This injury has not harmed his career - on the contrary. Again Sabu was able to show what a tough dog he is and continued his fights just as crazy as before. Sabu is still in the ring for smaller leagues today.

Hardcore Holly (51)

This tough guy started his racing career in the WWE in 1994! No joke: his first ring name was Thurman Sparky Plugg. Horrible. Over the years it developed and ended up with the name Hardcore Holly in 1999.

Even if he called himself hardcore - the fans only really took the role from him after a fight against Rob Van Dam in 2006. During an action by a table, he cut his back on a metal edge.

But see for yourself ...

But what was Hardcore Holly doing? He fought on and earned the respect of the audience, who gave him standing ovations after the match was over (even though he was the villain in his role).

The huge wound was closed with 24 stitches. From that day on, Hardcore Holly was really hardcore!

Sid (53)

The toughest dog of all. In WWE, WCW and ECW, it caused fear and horror, especially in the 1990s.

But the worst horror the wrestling fans experienced on the evening of January 14, 2001, when he competed against Scott Steiner in the WCW.

On the advice of the WCW bosses, Sid (according to the legend) should show some new actions - so during the fight he jumped from the second rope and kicked his opponent's face with his right leg. Unfortunately, the left leg didn't hit the ground as it should - it buckled and broke spectacularly.

Terrible: Sid broke his leg in several places. One of his bones even poked through the skin. The injury was so severe that some TV networks did not air the action in their reruns of the show.

Despite this serious injury, Sid got back into the ring after a break of several months.

Wrestlemania: the greatest show in the world