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Visa categories for the destination Ghana

Which Ghana visa is the right one for your stay in the West African country depends on the intention of your entry. The Embassy of Ghana distinguishes between several visa categories:

  • Tourist visa / visitor visa for vacation trips and tourist activities
  • Business Visa for business trips
  • Journalist visa / press visa for foreign correspondents and journalists who travel to research or report
  • Student visa for a study or semester abroad in Ghana
  • Transit visa for transit on the way to a third country
  • Work visa for starting work on site

The type of visa determines which additional documents are to be submitted in addition to the passport, application forms and passport photos when applying for a visa.

Ghana visa: validities

The visitor visa is usually Valid for 3 months from the date of issue. Unless otherwise requested, the visa permits single entry within the specified period. The maximum length of stay amounts to 60 days.

In addition to visas for a single visit, permits for multiple entries can also be applied for. The Embassy of Ghana distinguishes multivisa with a validity of 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. The maximum length of stay per entry is i. d. Usually limited to 60 days.

Transit visas are available for single or multiple entry. Please note that the Ghana visa must still be valid upon departure.

Please navigate to the individual visa categories in Ghana to find out more about the validity of the visa and the required application documents.

Visa service for Ghana from K├Ânig Tours

You are free to apply for your Ghana visa in person at the Ghana Embassy in Berlin or through a third party. As an accredited visa agency, we offer you the following service:

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  • Checklist for the application documents to be submitted
  • Document review
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  • Delivery of the visa to your doorstep (after it has been issued by the Embassy of Ghana)

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