Will pay student loans for rent

Studying in the corona crisisThese aids are available for students in financial need

The student advisors at the ASten notice how much some students are feeling worried about money at the moment, says Katrin Lögering:

"An example would be the AStA at RWTH Aachen University: within the last 14 days, around 700 inquiries have been received on topics that are currently occupying the students."

Many have lost their student jobs and are now wondering: How should I pay my rent? Will I be kicked out of the dorm if I can't? Can I take out a loan to bridge the crisis? Katrin Lögering is the coordinator at the State AStenverband Nordrhein-Westfalen.

"There are really a lot of students that are affected and you always have to keep in mind that those who register are mostly those who really have very great difficulties."

Much government aid does not work

Those who could barely make ends meet would not be in touch just yet. But if the crisis lasts longer, their reserves will be used up in a few weeks. Students are out of the question for many state aid and fall through all social security systems. For example, there is no short-time work allowance for most of them. Bridging loans are also difficult to come by. And foreign students in particular have a hard time because they do not receive BAföG. If they come from economically weaker countries, their parents are often unable to support them either.

However, there are a few options for students, explains Hildegard Ollesch-Jaletzky from the Kölner Studierendenwerk. For example, if the parents are also affected by the crisis and have a significantly lower income. Then the BAföG can be increased.

For those who have already been granted benefits, there is the possibility that the trainee and his / her parent can apply for the current income to be taken into account, but the benefits are then only granted subject to the reimbursement, "says Ollesch-Jaletzky.

And even those who have not yet received BAföG at all have chances: "If this drop in income is significant, especially the period that is affected, it can definitely lead to trainees who are currently not entitled to any or only a small amount Were entitled, we then just carry out a recalculation and this will usually lead to the fact that training grants can be granted, "says Ollesch-Jaletzky.

Even those who fall behind with their rent for the room in the dormitory do not have to be afraid of being kicked out right away, assures the student finance expert: "Well, there are no dismissals, there will always be generous solutions."

Those who cannot hope for BAföG actually only have a loan to bridge the lean period, says Ollesch-Jaletzky. "Of course, there is also the KfW student loan and the loans that the student unions grant from the loan offices. There are of course certain hurdles that require you to check your citizenship with the student loan, so not everyone can get it, and that is the case with the loan office Prerequisite that I provide a suitable guarantor.

The German Student Union calls for these personal guarantees to be replaced by guarantees from the federal states. In addition, the standard period of study and the maximum funding period for BAföG should be extended by one semester because there will be problems with exams in the coming semester, or they may not take place at all.

Alliance calls for 3,000 euros in emergency aid

The money that students earn when working against the pandemic, for example as a medical assistant, should also not be counted towards the BAföG. The Bundestag has since agreed to this. But Katrin Lögering's previous help is not enough. Together with others she founded the "Alliance for Emergency Aid for Students". In a petition they are demanding 3,000 euros for all aspiring academics to survive the next three months.

"This emergency aid should be unbureaucratic and be available as quickly as possible, because the students are now faced with the questions of how do I pay my rent or how do I continue to pay my living expenses," says Lögering.

The offer should also apply to foreign students, because the host country Germany has a special responsibility for them. The ASten are asking for 3,000 euros because that is the amount that students need for three months according to the social survey by the German Student Union - 1,000 euros per month.

Lögering: "We have planned that afterwards a means test, whatever it should be, should take place and those who are then not needy according to the criteria would then convert this sum into an interest-free loan with a Term of ten years. So that you have this solidarity-based character of emergency aid, but really for students who are currently in need. "

You can sign the petition online at "studi-soforthilfe-corona.org".