What are eBay Sales Charges on Average

Fees, Credits, and Bills

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  1. eBay fees and credits
  2. Other fees not charged by eBay
  3. Bills and payments

eBay fees and credits

The exact cost of an item sold depends on the item category, the nature of your offer and whether you run an eBay shop.

eBay seller fees for private sellers

eBay seller fees for commercial sellers

We distinguish two types of fees: a listing fee when listing an item and a sales commission after the sale. The amount of each amount depends on the price and the category and format of your offer. To help you get started, every month you get the opportunity to list items with no listing fee.

Selling fees in eBay shops

As a commercial seller, you can run your own eBay shop as part of a monthly subscription. This allows you to list more items without a listing fee and benefit from lower sales commissions. The fees and benefits that apply in each case depend on the eBay Shop subscription model.

Fees for Selling Vehicles on eBay Motors

The fees for selling vehicles are different from fees for items in other categories, but the general fee structure remains the same: We charge a listing fee when listing a vehicle in the eBay Motors category and a sales commission after the vehicle is sold.

Fee credits

If a buyer fails to pay for an item or wants to cancel a purchase, we'll refund the sales commission.

Other fees not charged by eBay

Note that there may be additional fees not charged by eBay, such as: B. Fees for the use of PayPal or other payment services (this does not apply if you participate in payment processing) or taxes on your eBay sales.

Fees for using PayPal

We ourselves do not charge any fees for using PayPal on eBay. However, PayPal may charge you fees if the buyer pays using PayPal (if you accept PayPal payments). If you take part in payment processing, you will not incur any PayPal fees for receiving payments on eBay.

Taxes and import charges

As a seller on eBay, you are responsible for any taxes that may apply in your country, such as: B. VAT. You are also responsible for informing international buyers of any import duties.

Bills and payments

Before your first sale, we will ask you for your billing information and the payment method for your monthly invoice. You can change this information at any time. In My eBay you get an overview of all sales fees, payments made, credits received and your monthly bills.

Set and change your payment method

When creating a seller account, we ask you to specify a payment method for automatic payment. You can choose to use direct debit or a credit card as your payment method. You can also make a one-off payment at any time - will open in a new window or tab.

Check your account balance

You can see your current account balance and recent sales, including all fees from recent sales activities. All overdue amounts are also displayed here.

Change your billing settings

You can change your billing information at any time, e.g. B. the address, the invoice currency and the data for automatic payments.

Your eBay invoice

Your invoice contains a summary of your monthly sales activity. The invoice lists payments made, sales fees and discounts, and any refunds or credits, within the billing cycle.