What is the purpose of a ghostwriter

What does ghostwriting mean?

Ghostwriting - derived from engl. "Ghost" = "spirit" and "to write" = "write" - if someone, without naming his own name as the author or originator, in the name and on behalf of another for these texts of various kinds, e.g. ( Auto-) biographies, advertising texts, speeches or texts of an academic-scientific nature are created. In this respect, one can also speak of “order letters” or “phantom letters”.

The ghostwriter remains in the background, he is usually not mentioned as the author. Ghostwriting is an activity that has been around since people started writing texts, giving speeches and trying to convince others of their views, opinions and points of view. Those who have to undergo this task are often faced with the difficulty that they are unable to do so, be it that they lack the linguistic or rhetorical skills required for this, or that they are careful to draft it due to lack of time researched statements are not able to. The latter can be found above all among politicians, on the boards of large companies, but also among scientists. A specific topic is specified, the task of the ghostwriter is now to work out the corresponding templates based on the keywords that were sent to him by the customer directly or through the intermediary of a ghostwriter agency.

Meanwhile, a real specialization has started in the area of ​​ghostwriting. If you look at the entries that can be found under the keyword "ghostwriting" or "ghostwriter" on the Internet, you will see that there are agencies for a wide variety of purposes, namely for

  • The preparation of (auto) biographies: This ranges from the writing of memoirs of "greats" from art, politics and society or from the so-called "show biz" to the biography of simple, completely unknown people who, for example, look at their descendants want to bring into their life.
  • Writing speeches and lecture texts as well as official or administrative declarations, statements and announcements: For politicians and other people “who consider themselves important”.
  • Academic ghostwriting: This is about the preparation of student term papers, seminar papers, semester and bachelor theses, master's and diploma theses as well as dissertations and articles for scientific journals as well
  • the creation of advertising texts and speeches or lectures for special occasions, e.g. company events, weddings, funeral services as well as exhibition openings or vernissages, etc.