What do you think, how old I am

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What Do you think, how old is the one with the joint?
She takes off from the ground, flies around me once, and lands on my other side with a giggle. "What Do you think because, how old he is?"
She takes off from the ground, flies a circle around me and lands on my other side, giggling. "How old does he look to you?"
You think, you are old enough they could alone ...
Do you think maybe, I do not know, how old You are, and what have you been through?
do you think I do not know your age, I do not know what you have gone through?
Do you think, I'm too old for the university?
Do you think about because they old is, are we going to dump them?
You think just because she's old we're going to dump her in the street?
Do you think not that I hear this thousands of times a day from all of My Christians, young and old old?
Don't you think I hear this thousands of times a day from all My Christians, young and old??
Do you think, Elizabeth is old enough to follow in my footsteps?
I mean, Do you think not, i'm a bit too oldto get you going on a happy family holiday?
I mean don't you think I'm getting a little old for make-believe family holidays?
I mean seriously dad Do you think not that i have anything to do with it old am for it?
I mean, seriously, dad, don't you think I'm a little old for this?
No motivation, extreme weakness, disbelief that calls out ... 'You are closed old, What Do you think?
No motivation, extreme weakness, unbelief - shouting out 'You're too old, what are you thinking?
Do you think, there could be a woman or a man up there old become like the turtle, the oldest animal?
Do you think, would there ever be a lady or a man upstairs what could be as old as the tortoise, that's the oldest animal?
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