What are the seasons in Tokyo

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Climate in Tokyo

The Japanese capital Tokyo is located in the northern hemisphere in the bay of the same name on the Pacific Ocean at sea level. On the other hand, the city extends into the spacious Kanto plain. Due to its location by the sea, Tokyo is one of the warm temperate climate zone, however, the weather shows subtropical features, especially in the humid summer.

The Temperatures rise from June to September highest, in August regularly over 30 degrees. During this period there is no significant cooling at night. The average minimum temperature in August is over 25 degrees. The winter, which lasts from December to February, is relatively mild. There is little frost and almost no snow. During the day, the thermometer often shows more than ten degrees. The number of hours of sunshine is fairly constant over the year.

The summer rainy season lasts approximately from in Tokyo End of June to mid-July. There is long-lasting and very abundant rainfall. The humidity remains very high until September (over 73%). In addition, im threaten September and October typhoonsthat do not reach Tokyo regularly, but can temporarily have a major impact on the climate. The winter months of December and January have only about five to six rainy days. The humidity is then around 50%.


Tokyo weather

Weather in Tokyo: The temperatures and rainfall for Tokyo in Japan are from the website yr.no and are provided by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. The forecasts are updated four times a day.


Best travel time for Tokyo

The one in Tokyo is very pleasant Spring (April to mid-June) and the Autumn (October, November) with mild temperatures, moderate humidity and relatively little rainfall. In the Tokyo parks during these months, the flowers and the color of the leaves are also impressive. The winter months, on the other hand, are often cool at night.

Due to the stuffy, hot and humid climate during and after the rainy season, the period from the end of June to September can hardly be recommended for a trip. In September and October you should definitely pay attention to the current weather warnings. If a devastating typhoon threatens to reach Tokyo, air and rail connections will be suspended. However, if you follow the safety recommendations, there is no danger.


Climate table Tokyo

Climate in Tokyo

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