How do I change my face shape

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Clear facial structures are attractive!


Beautiful faces are clearly structured, have lines and shapes. The zygomatic bone and midface show a volume. The lower jaw line is clearly delineated.



Dr. Beauty TV: How can you change the shape of your face?

The following questions are dealt with in the video:

1. Many people are not satisfied with their face shape, either it is too narrow or too wide, especially in the lower jaw area or in the zygomatic area too narrow, too sunken. What can you actually do about it?


2. Is the placement of implants a good way to change the shape of the face, or does an osteotomy have to be done?


3. To what extent does facial thinning (e.g. a fat-away injection or liposuction) play a role?


4. Can you also use fillers to narrow the face?


5. If I have an excessively pronounced orbital bulge, i.e. I look extremely masculine as a woman, what can you do about it?


6. For example, if I'm transgender and I want to be a woman outwardly, what can you do there?

Do you find your face too full and look too childish for you? Liposuction Help ...


Clinic stay:

locally, if desired, twilight sleep

Return to everyday life:
1-2 days

Some faces still have the child's fat distribution, making them less attractive to adults. There is help for these people.


Plastic-aesthetic surgery can be used in the sense of liposuction, which is carried out with the finest cannulas, or with the aid of a fat-away syringe, to thin out and structure faces that are too large in the neck, chin and cheek area, for example.



Narrower face shape through the use of injection techniques

A special case is excessive muscle mass in the cheek area, which also makes the shape of the face appear very voluminous. To thin the face with botulinum toxin, the strength of the muscles is weakened and the volume of the muscle is reduced and the face appears finer.


On our website you will find a lot more information about surgical interventions to beautify your face. Did you know that Dr. Wolfgang Funk is a specialist in facelift, liposuction and breast augmentation?


An additional procedure to make a face appear more feminine is lowering the hairline. Information on this topic can be found on our page for hairline lowering.



Testimonials from patients

Thoughts before surgery

"When my friends went to soccer, they annoyed me with the comment: We don't need a ball because we have you with us. My head was so round. I was only 50 kilos and I was 169 cm tall - I couldn't yet lose more weight. A facial thinning made my face slim, the proverbs stopped and I'm happy. "


Thoughts before surgery

"For many, it is a problem to look older than you are - for me it was exactly the other way around. A visit to the disco without an ID card was not possible because I still had extreme" baby fat "on my face and looked 15 years old clearer and also more beautiful and finally I looked like my early twenties and was not considered too immature for the pleasures of life. "





If you have any questions about face shape, please contact us. Individual treatment and advice must be important to both of us!