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George Floyd is the name of the man who was killed in the police operation in the USA. What is known about him and the reason for his arrest?

  • George Floyd was killed on May 25 in a police operation in Minneapolis, USA.
  • Relatives and friends spoke to the US media about the 46-year-old's life.
  • A police report reveals why George Floyd was arrested.

Died on May 25th George Floyd by police violence* when used in Minneapolis. According to the autopsy report, the Cause of deathSuffocation *. In the now internationally known mobile phone video you can see how a police officer Handcuffs him and pushes him to the floor, his knee on Floyd's neck.

The Video was disseminated via social media and sparked an international debate racism out. US President Donald Trump blames left-wing extremists for the numerous protests *. To bring the situation under control, he announced that he wanted to use the military. The president received a lot of criticism for reactions like these, for example because it fueled the debate even more. There was also on social media Protest actions, about theBlackout Tuesday. The "Black Lives Matter" movement receives new support. The officers responsible have since been dismissed. But why was George Floyd at all arrested and what is known about his life?

George Floyd is dead, protests in the USA follow - video shocked

According to ABC13, George Floyd graduated from the Yates High School. There he was a member of the Football teams. One video even shows a touchdown from Floyd in October 1992.

Here’s George Floyd scoring a touchdown in '92. What a play. Yates HS game hero.

Probably seems like a lifetime ago to Floyd’s family and friends.

Now, they're planning his funeral while protestors march in his name. # georgefloyd # abc13https: //t.co/v7hWULfledpic.twitter.com/S5RLFM1Pwh

- Courtney Fischer (@ CourtneyABC13) May 27, 2020

“Anyone who knows him knows that he is not a confrontational person is. And I'm not just saying this because it happened to him. Anyone who knows him will tell you that, ”says Floyd's friend Milton Carney compared to ABC13. Brother Philonise Floyd told CNN that George Floyd was a "Gentle Giant“Been that didn't hurt anyone.

"He didn't deserve what happened to him," says Tera Brown, cousin of George Floyd, who said he couldn't breathe as a police officer used a knee to hold him down by the neck. Brown said the four Minneapolis police officers involved in Floyd’s death should be "charged with murder." pic.twitter.com/ESXMVMdcXH

- CNN (@CNN) May 27, 2020

George Floyd's fiancée Courtney Ross describes him in an interview with the local broadcaster WCCO as helpful and religious: "Hesat down for the people a, he was there for people when they were down, he loved people who had been cast out, ”says Ross. He was also religious: "We prayed at every meal, we prayed when we had a difficult time, we prayed when we had a good time. "

Stephen Jackson, a friend of Floyd as well as earlier NBA player, reveals in an interview with CNN that Floyd's surroundings tend to lower him to his Surname than known by his first name. He had heard the name George more often in the past few days than in his entire life. “The last time I spoke to him was about a year ago, and every conversation we've had that year has been about improving and to be better fathers "said Jackson. "I will Righteousness for his children. I want his children to be looked after. Your father is not here. "

USA: George Floyd is a father, he leaves two daughters and one grandchild

Floyd has two daughters, the youngest, according to Jackson 6 years old. Even a Grandchild should already have Floyd. Like his ex-partner Rose Hudson told CNN's KTRK that he did never met. "My daughter had to watch like her daddy live on TV was killed, ”said Hudson. "He was a good father to his girls."

Floyd worked according to his supervisor Jovanni Thunstrom for five years as a security guard in the Conga Latin Bistro in Minneapolis. "He was loved by all of my employees and customers," Thunstrom told CNN. When he saw the video, he couldn't believe it was Floyd at first. He always helped tidy up after the shop had closed, was a "very nice guy and been really good with customers ”.

Green politician Cem Özdemir does not expect the escalation of police violence in the US to come to an abrupt end - on the contrary: President Trump will continue to fuel the uprising.

USA / George Floyd: Why was he arrested?

What is in the police press release looks like a Contrast to the statements of the social environment. So Floyd got his Resists arrest. The reason for the arrest was apparently that Floyd should have tried with one fake 20 dollar bill to pay in a grocery store, as the US media consistently quote from the police report. The business owner is said to have recognized the counterfeit money and called the police.

The officers then managed to handcuff the suspect. When they saw that he was suffering from physical discomfort, they called you ambulance. A short time later, George Floyd died in Hennepin County Medical Center


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