Is Nutella halal why or why not

Ferrero Ferrero Nutella

Alcohol: No.

  • free from alcoholic components

Animal additives: No.

  • free from animal components (eggs, milk, fish products excluded)

Good day,

Thank you for your interest in our children's products.

We are happy to confirm that we do not use alcohol in any of our "kinder" products, neither as an ingredient nor as a carrier for flavors.

We use animal products in our "kinder" products, such as milk products and occasionally chicken egg products (kinder PinguĂ­, Milch-Schnitte, kinder Yogurt'in), shellac (kinder Schoko-Bons) and honey (milk-Schnitte, kinder Yogurt'in) . These are therefore not suitable for a vegan diet.

You can be assured that all of our products are subject to very strict quality standards. We take precautions for this in several steps, including the origin and selection of the ingredients. It is one of our basic principles to offer our customers only high-quality goods.

We wish you all the best and continue to enjoy our products in the future.

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It was inquired by phone. The product does not contain any non-vegetarian or alcoholic auxiliaries or additives. No alcohol is used as a solvent.

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