What are McDonalds breads in them?

Thousands of Lieken rolls every day for the McDonald’s quality chain


McDonald’s Germany presents its top suppliers. This time in focus: the well-known bakery manufacturer Lieken, whose products can be found in many German bread boxes.


The renowned baked goods manufacturer Lieken has been an important part of the McDonald's quality chain since 1975. Has the technology and the know-how for the production of the perfect burger buns, the so-called buns Lieken Brought to Germany from America over 40 years ago on behalf of McDonald’s. Only high quality ingredients are used in the production of the buns. For the production of McDonald's buns, only wheat of the highest quality, so-called elite wheat, is used. Because only by using the best raw materials can the perfect buns be produced, which have the right consistency after baking and do not break, crumble or soften. In the restaurant, they form the basis for the distinctive McDonald's burgers.

Around the world with the burger buns

McDonald's Germany attaches great importance to buying its ingredients as closely as possible and Lieken fulfills this requirement in the cooperation. In 2015, 98% of the elite wheat comes from certified cultivation in Bavaria and Thuringia. It is ground in the Willa mill in Johanniskirchen in Lower Bavaria - one of the most modern mills in Europe and a family business in the third generation. "With the amount of burger buns produced by Lieken for McDonald's Germany in 2015, you could stroll around the world," says Margit Pekruhn, Business Development Manager, Lieken. McDonald's publishes Lieken's portrait on its website and on social media. Frequently asked questions are answered, for example: Where does the white spot on the underside of the bun come from?

Further portraits of the McDonald’s quality chain in 2016

This year, McDonald's Germany was part of the presentation Highlands and Segafredo Zanetti already important partners in the McDonald's quality chain. “Some call it the supply chain. We at McDonald’s have a quality chain. True to the motto 'Best partners. Best ingredients. ' includes all of our suppliers, ”said Philipp Wachholz, company spokesman for McDonald's Germany. In addition to the partners already portrayed, McDonald's Germany has long-term and trusting supply relationships with other quality brands - including: the traditional Bavarian company Develeyor the meat supplier OSI. This year, top suppliers and their work for McDonald's Germany will be presented in further portraits.