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Ember.js is a framework for creating complex web apps. Beginners need to learn not only the framework but also additional concepts at the beginning.

Although there are models, views and controllers, the Ember.js architecture is significantly different from MVC frameworks from the server area such as Ruby on Rails. An Ember.js application is more like a desktop application.

In addition to these new concepts, a lot of Ember.js code is also generated automatically. Here, too, there is a big difference to generators from the Ruby on Rails world. The generated code is not saved as a file. Instead, it all happens directly in memory during runtime. As a programmer, you don't see what code Ember.js generates itself.

So if you stick to the Ember.js conventions, you often hardly have to write any code yourself. For experienced users, this is a great thing. However, this causes a lot of headache for beginners.

So what's the best way to learn Ember.js?

Learning aids

PeepCode Screencast

The best and fastest variant is the "Fire Up Ember.js" screencast from PeepCode. It's not free at $ 12, but there's no better way to learn Ember.js right now. This screencast shows how to use Ember.js as intended by the inventors. That’s gold.

Ember.js guides

The official Ember.js guides are getting better every day. Here you can read and learn everything. Due to the amount of information, however, it is difficult to find the relevant things that show you how to program an application with the Ember.js conventions.


Ember.js screencasts have been published on embercasts since mid-May. The screencasts are produced by the community and offered free of charge. They are a good addition to the official Ember.js resources as they also cover more specific topics such as authentication.


With Google you can find many Ember.js tutorials on a wide variety of topics. But be careful here! Since the API of Ember.js has changed a lot in the last months / weeks, many tutorials are wrong because they use outdated versions of Ember.js.

Before you take a tutorial to heart, you should definitely check which version of Ember.js is being used and, if necessary, check the documentation to see if anything has changed.

CoffeeScript, SASS and Production Code

If you want to develop an Ember.js application not only with JavaScript and CSS, but also with CoffeeScript and SASS, for example, the development environment becomes more complicated.

The same is true if you want to save your templates in separate files. All of this requires tools that take care of the processing of these files.

At the moment there is no sophisticated solution that has emerged. Until that happens, everyone has to look at the existing solutions for themselves and choose the one that best suits their workflow. There are the following solutions:

Last updated: July 06, 2013

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