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The story of the Chartreuse brand

Every spirit has its story. Chartreuse also has one, even a special one.

Around 1605 a nobleman gave the Carthusian monks a recipe for a "Elixir of long life". But it wasn't until 1755 that a manufacturing process was developed for it. One of the best-kept secrets of that time is known to very few monks, now only two at a time. Only after the death of one of the two monks does a new one enter the mystery of the Chartreuse inaugurated. The two are supposedly not allowed to travel together in order not to endanger the recipe.

The manufacture of chartreuse

The Herbal liqueur with the Carthusian monks near Grenoble in France. The liqueurs consist of wine alcohol, sugar and 130 different herbs and spices. The plants and herbs are macerated in selected alcohol and distilled several times. The world's most successful form of Chartreuse wears a green color and Chartreuse green is not only used as a product name.

Over about 5 years, Chartreuse Jaune About 3 years, this spice mixture stays in oak barrels in the largest cellar in the world, which is currently available for the maturation of liqueurs. How long exactly the maturation of the Chartreuse is again a well-kept secret.

Chartreuse Jaune

Around 1840 the monks developed the yellow, so-called jaune variant of the herbal liqueur. Chartreuse Jaune With 40% alcohol it is milder than the green variant and tastes wonderfully like fresh herbs.

Other excellent products from Chartreuse

In addition to the outstanding "normal" bottlings of Chartreuse Verte and Chartreuse Jaune there are still a multitude of rare treasures that are difficult to find in this country, such as the grandiose ones Chartreuse V.E.P. Jaune, Chartreuse V.E.P. Verte, Chartreuse Elixir Vegetal, Chartreuse 1605 and the Chartreuse Genepi des Peres Chartreux.

Chartreuse is not only known for its high-quality herbal liqueurs and schnapps, but also offers a range of high-quality fruit liqueurs. Next to the Chartreuse Eau de Noix, a delicate walnut liqueur, you should also try the raspberry liqueur Chartreuse Framboise des Peres Chartreux, the blackberry liqueur Chartreuse Mure Sauvage, the blueberry liqueur Chartreuse Myrtille des Peres Chartreux, as well as the black currant liqueur Chartreuse Cassis des Peres Chartreux to attempt.

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