Will my ex-boyfriend contact me again

Ex boyfriend wrote to me again? How so?

Hey guys ... My ex and I broke up a little more than 2 months ago. She (21) had a lot of relationships, I (20), she was my first relationship. We were together for 6 months.

After the breakup, we had no contact for about 4 weeks until she once wrote to me about alcohol. Had written a little, there was also a meeting. Also to a meeting in the club where we made out and she said things like "I missed you, can't delete our pictures" but also "I just want to be friends with you, we don't go together" (although I did do not understand that we do not fit together. I and many friends saw differently) After that we met twice and kissed each time. Even slept with her, but we didn't have sex. Then she tells me that she met someone, but kissed me anyway. Probably kept the contact with me a secret. Then I was on the birthday of a former friend of hers. She wrote to me and said that I was a wrong and gross person and compared me to a guy who once cheated on her with this former girlfriend. I did nothing. This former girlfriend also has a boyfriend. My ex said she was happy with her new one even though she kissed me 4 days before. After insulting me, she blocked and deleted me everywhere. Yesterday she wrote to me after 1 1/2 weeks because my sister still had her clothes. I wrote to my ex's little sister that MY SISTER would bring the things over. My ex writes to me but "you wanted to bring the things over?" I didn't understand that, but I did. Then she or her mother later saw me with a friend. Ex writes "good luck with her" with such a kiss smiley. When I said that she should relax, that she is just a friend, came "chill warn joke".

What is the whole kindergarten supposed to do? If she has a new one and is happy with what I only know about her, then she should just leave me alone.

Unfortunately, I still feel something for her and have the feeling that all these things keep on rubbing my wound. I always try to understand their behavior, but I do nothing. I don't want to be with her anymore either because I'm starting to think she's not a good girl. No matter what I feel for her. I just want to forget about them !!! Do you have any tips or words of encouragement? :(