Where is customer service in Walmart

This is how Walmart wants to outdo Amazon

New York The competition between the online retailer Amazon and the largest retailer Walmart is entering the next round. After Amazon received approval from the FAA this week to deliver small packages with drones, Walmart has announced that it will be placing purchases directly in customers' refrigerators in the future.

With the new service, Walmart goes one step further than Amazon Key, where suppliers previously parked their purchases in front of the door or in the garage.

For a long time it looked as if Walmart was oversleeping the trend towards e-commerce. But in the last few years the Arkansas company has caught up massively. Walmart has not only bought and integrated the online retailer Jet. It has also significantly improved and strengthened its own presence on the Internet.

In order to keep up with Amazon's fast delivery times, Walmart has recently started guaranteeing next-day delivery for certain products. In addition, customers have been able to order online for some time and collect their prepacked shopping bags in front of the supermarket. A model that Amazon has imitated with its Whole Foods supermarket chain.

These customer-centric strategies apparently also ensured that Walmart increased its online sales in the USA by more than 40 percent again last year.

Now Walmart customers should be able to have their fridge refilled directly with "InHome Delivery". The suppliers who have access to the customer's kitchens must have worked for Walmart for at least a year. Exact technical details are not yet known. Walmart only announced that it would use a technology to open doors and equip the employees with cameras.

Amazon Key's program is based on the “Smart Garage” or “Smart Lock” technology. These electronic door locks work with number codes and are connected to a camera, which ensures that suppliers only put the package in and not clear out the apartment.

Walmart plans to initially offer its new in-home service to one million customers in Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Florida this fall.

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