Elvis Presley was an angelic person

Train culture

Steinhausen - "When angels heaven, it gets hellish": This is the motto of the newly elected Steimuetter for her term of office. Clare I is the 30th head and the 9th woman in this office. "I consider it an honor," she said and added with a wink that not every angel becomes a Steimuetter. Before she was officially endowed with the insignia of power, her predecessor Christina I took the stage in the Schnitz und Gwunder restaurant again. The pirate Steimuetter and her crew of nine made it clear that pirates can also be great carnival enthusiasts. Conférencier Andreas Balsiger then led the way to the «dethronement», and to the sound of the Straccers, the pirates released the stage.

More heavenly than infernal

Then the new Steimuetter made its appearance. In a flowing robe and with huge wings studded with glowing lamps, she entered the scene as an angel. Her sons Flavio and Livio were there in a costume that represented the physical sky. Her partner Joe Zwissig and the other members of the entourage were also heavenly creatures with halo. Instead, there were some visitors in the audience disguised as devils, and it would be interesting to see how infernal the homage would turn out to be. However, these were extremely civilized. Neither the honor guard of the former chiefs nor the guest delegation of the Letzibuzäli turned into villains from the underworld. Even the song that her court sang to the tune of the Schacher Seppli was anything but infernal. Andreas Trüssel, member of the board of the Fasnachtsgesellschaft and host host, received a lot of applause. He appeared as Elvis Presley with the song "You Look Like An Angel"!

However, the atmosphere in the hall was quite lively, and the carnival has only just begun. Who knows what devilish things are going to happen there? The Fasnachtsgesellschaft with Roland Lacher at the helm is definitely prepared. She has published a multi-page program booklet that is supposed to make people happy and informs about the various occasions. Next, on February 11th, the carnival symbol, the Steigrind, will be baptized and placed on the roundabout in the center of the village. Then the Steigrindball rises in the “Schnitz und Gwunder”, and on Dirty Thursday the Schnitzelbank singers are out and about. The plaque designed by Hardy Rölli is available in the village shops and restaurants. (Hansruedi Hürlimann)