How environmentally conscious are Ghanaians

Volunteering in nature conservation in Ghana

Environmental challenges

Today Ghana is confronted with numerous serious environmental problems. Through major interventions in the ecosystem such as Deforestation and Overgrazing the environment is badly affected in many parts of the country. Recurring periods of drought also have a devastating effect. A linear increase in wood exports, steadily growing mountains of waste and, last but not least, inadequate sewage systems often pose almost insoluble problems for the individual municipalities in the country. On top of that, Ghana's biodiversity is endangered by poaching.

Possible places for volunteers

As a volunteer in Ghana, you are more than welcome to support the locals in solving problems and in better protecting their living environment. For example, you can contribute to awareness campaigns to find the most effective To promote environmental protection in Ghana. There are also exciting opportunities for use in connection with social projects, for example in a street children project in which volleyball nets are made from old plastic bags.

Framework conditions for volunteers

The projects in environmental protection are for you, if you are for sustainability and environmental protection, physically fit and you are good at English can communicate. Depending on the voluntary service, you will be accommodated in a host family, a student house, or directly on site at your place of work, in some locations even directly on the beach!