How did Jackie Chan become so successful

65th birthday: How Jackie Chan fought for success

Violence made Jackie Chan famous - and yet he hates it. "It's kind of a dilemma, isn't it?" He once said. He also owes his wealth to his talent for beating. Chan's parents fled to Hong Kong during the Chinese Civil War. He was born there in 1954, in poor conditions. His parents live in the ghetto, later they move to Canberra, Australia, where they work - as a cook and housemaid - in the US embassy. They leave the seven-year-old in a strict drama boarding school in Hong Kong. It is the beginning of a world career.

Acting, singing, martial arts - Chan is taught for the opera from early morning until late at night, also with the use of punches. Once a classmate remains unconscious for hours. When he came to his senses, the teacher scolded, “While the others were training hard, you slept.” When Chan finished his training at the age of 17, Chinese opera was out of fashion. He survived as a stuntman and eventually moved to live with his parents in Australia. There he works on a construction site - and a colleague calls him Jackie because he cannot pronounce the name Kong-Sang.

Jackie Chan relied on humor - and made the breakthrough

Shortly after the martial arts film icon Bruce Lee died in 1973, Jackie Chan received a telegram. The sender, Willie Chan, his future manager, brings him back to Hong Kong. Jackie Chan is, however, unsuccessfully marketed as Bruce Lee's successor. In 1978 he played a clumsy kitchen boy in "The Snake in the Shadow of the Eagle". Instead of brutality, he relies on humor - and he succeeds in making a breakthrough. “I never wanted to be the next Bruce Lee. I wanted to be the first Jackie Chan, ”he will say. In 1980, Chan is said to get out of a car during his first shoot in the USA and walk to a restaurant. He suggests throwing yourself on the road while driving and jumping onto the sidewalk with a somersault. The director refuses. Chan warns him in bad English: "Don't pay any money for Jackie Chan that is on." He's right, the film flopps. Chan's career continues. In 1995 the actor became a star in the West with “Rumble in the Bronx”. Together with Chris Tucker he had great success in 1998 in "Rush Hour". In 2016, Chan received an honorary Oscar for his life's work, which includes more than 200 films. Chris Tucker gave the laudatory speech: "I couldn't wait to come to the set every day and work with Jackie Chan."

Jackie Chan's success continues to this day

Chan's success continues to this day, among other things with the new edition of the genre classic "Karate Kid". The actor synchronizes many of his roles himself: He speaks English, Japanese, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Korean. Jackie Chan will be 65 years old on Sunday - and is not thinking of retiring. His “Karate Kid” remake is to be continued with “Karate Kid 2” and “Rush Hour 4” has already been announced. A film with him was shown in China in 2019. He no longer needs it financially. In 2017 alone, he earned almost 50 million US dollars, estimates the US magazine Forbes - mainly in mainland China.

However, he has been criticized for his relationship with the local leadership. It is the year 2009 when Jackie Chan starred in the propaganda film "The Successful Establishment of a State". About the state control of the citizens he says: “I have more and more the feeling that we have to be controlled. If we are not monitored, we will do what we want. "

In addition to his commitment as a Unicef ​​ambassador, he will also become the Chinese anti-drug officer in 2009. The fact that his son Jaycee Chan was jailed for drugs five years later annoys him: "As a celebrity, I am embarrassed, as a father my heart hurts." Jackie Chan bequeathed his fortune to his charity. His son will have to work his way up alone. Like Jackie Chan once did.