How do I write an MLA quote

QUOTE MLA STYLE | Citation style, rules & examples

Quote in MLA style: Well quoted is half written. In other words: every scientific text is not only based on your own, but also on the work results of others. There are rules for citing sources to ensure that it is decent and that everyone's copyrights are protected. Depending on the department, however, these are different. A popular and internationally recognized method is the MLA citation method. Discover in the following article how to use the MLA style correctly.

MLA style: what makes it stand out?

The citation procedure was developed by the eponymous American Modern Language Association and is mainly used in the humanities. The MLA style is considered attractive precisely because it is particularly flexible and contemporary. Because: With it you can, if necessary, the source reference both in the running text and by means of Footnotes provide. It also provides regulations that can also be used for quoting songs, poems, websites or Netflix series. In contrast to the APA styleand toHarvard citation the citation procedure according to MLA is based on an author-page system. The year of publication is therefore omitted in the source reference.

The MLA style for the bachelor thesis or master thesis at a glance

Unlike all other methods for Quote the source can be referenced according to the citation style both in the running text and as a footnote. Although the use of footnotes cannot generally be recommended for the MLA style, it is considered legitimate, for example if you want to provide additional information. In a second step, as with all other citation procedures, you have to create a detailed bibliography and source list.

The reference in the running text

The source reference, if you are in Quote text according to MLA would like, is in brackets after the quote It is sufficient if you give the author's last name and the page that you are using an indirect or direct quote have taken, cite. Both pieces of information are not separated by a colon, comma or semicolon. If you have already included the name of the author in the running text, you only need to specify the page (see Figure 1). Should you decide in individual cases to reference the source by means of a footnote, this is also possible. Then the source reference is the same as for theGerman citation. In other words, with a superscript number after the quote, you refer to the corresponding footnote at the end of the page. If it is a whole sentence, the numbering is done after the final punctuation mark.

The bibliography

According to the standard, all bibliographic information is finally stored in the source or bibliography listed. You do not have to state the sources you cited here according to the source type or year of publication, but according to the alphabetical order of the author's surnames. If you have quoted from books, the author's name, title, year of publication, publisher, volume, edition, place of publication, publisher and type of publication must be listed. At a Newspaper article according to MLA in addition to the author, year of publication and title, the name of the journal, the year or issue number, as well as the page range and the form of publication. If, on the other hand, it is an Internet source, it is also necessary to state the URL and the access date.

Figure 1: The author-page system illustrated by the Purdue Online Writing Lab of the MLA


Table 1: Two steps to the correct MLA style

According to its name, the MLA style is actually the most modern citation method. It allows you to use references in the body of the text as well as additional information in footnotes. In response to the change in source types in the humanities, she has developed rules for even the most contemporary eventualities. Because it is not uncommon for Netflix series or pop songs to be quoted here. However, you should definitely check with your responsible person in advance whether the author-page system is recognized in your department supervisor discuss. You can also get additional help with citing in MLA style from oneEditing and proofreading your bachelor's or master's thesis or in writing workshops at the university.