What is tasleem in Islam

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Devotion is considered the high dignity of Islam. The root of the Arabic word "taslim" (devotion) is the same as that of peace [salam] and Islam. Hence, the following description is a first approach to understanding Islam and devotion:

Peace [salam] in the heart can only be achieved through submission [taslim] to Islam (God's true religion).


Peace [salam] through Islam means submission (taslim) in God.

The complete "surrender" or "submission" to the will of God is understood as the source of the liberation of man from any other "submission" and thus the true liberation or attainment of genuine freedom.

Man's devotion to God is expressed in ritual prayer in the prayer position of prostration.

The devotion was explained in rhyme in a poem in the West-Eastern Divan by Goethe:

Foolish that everyone in his case
Praises his special opinion!
If Islam means "devoted to God",
In Islam we all live and die.