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How to send and share photos online

We show you how you can send pictures online or share photos with friends and family: In the past, prints were sent to loved ones by post. Today we send them digitally over the Internet in seconds. However, if you attach too many photos to your email, it can quickly become oversized. How to avoid this and how to use image services on the web to do so, read in the following.

1. Find pictures on the computer under Windows 7 and 8.1

Usually your photos are in the picture folder. Windows will set this up automatically. With Windows 7 you can reach it in the opened start menu under "Pictures". In Windows 8.1 you can find it by clicking on the folder symbol in the lower left corner, which is to the right of the Windows symbol. Then the window "This PC" opens with the picture folder. Alternatively, in the tile view, simply type the word "Pictures" and a search bar will automatically appear in which you can mark the picture folder with the arrow keys and select it with the [Enter] key.

2. Automatically resize and send images

To send photos, in Windows 7 click on "E-Mail" in the large view at the top. The "Attach file" window opens, in which you can determine the image size. The default size is "Medium": The 7.13 MB image is reduced in size and is only 230 KB. That's enough to view photos on the screen. And the smaller the photo, the faster it will be sent. You only have to send a large picture if the recipient wants to print out the photo or use an image editing program to embellish it.

For Windows 8.1, open the "Attach file" window by right-clicking the photo icon in the pictures folder. The "Medium" option is also preset here. In both cases then click on "Attach". A window in your e-mail program, for example Outlook or Thunderbird, opens automatically. The picture is automatically saved as an attachment to the e-mail. All you have to do now is insert the recipient's email address as well as the subject line and the text of the email. Finished!

3. Exchange pictures via cloud services such as Dropbox

Sending the images (scaled down) via email is not always the first choice. Especially when the recipient needs the photos in high resolution in order to be able to process them further. Cloud services such as Dropbox are ideal for uncomplicated exchange. First you load the images into a folder in your Dropbox. Then you release the folder for the recipient.


So after you have copied the pictures into a local Dropbox folder, right-click the directory in Windows Explorer. Select "Share Dropbox Link" from the context menu. The share link is now on the clipboard. Simply copy this into the message text of your e-mail with [Ctrl] + [V]. If the mail recipient clicks on the link, he can download the contents of the folder directly or integrate the folder into his own Dropbox.

In order not to lose track of the shares that have been granted, right-click the Dropbox icon in the system tray at the bottom right. Click on "Dropbox-com" and the web browser will open with the Dropbox online user interface. Click on "Links" in the left menu bar. You will see an overview of all the releases that have been granted, which can be deleted individually if necessary.

4. Share photos via Flickr, Picasa or Instagram picture services

Cloud services such as Dropbox (see tip 3) are useful for quick exchange. However, the free storage space on Dropbox is limited. If you regularly share a lot of photos with others, you can't avoid a real picture service. We introduce Flickr below. The big advantage: With Flickr you can publish an unimaginable amount of pictures for free - in extreme cases up to 500,000! Picasa and the Instagram app offer similar services.

5. Upload pictures from your computer to Flickr

To register with Flickr, go to and click on "Register with Flickr". Since Flickr is part of Yahoo, you may need to create an account there. To upload photos there, open the picture folder on your PC (see tip 1) and click on "Upload" in the top right corner of Flickr. Then a page will appear that says "Drag and drop photos and videos here". So drag this from the image folder with the mouse button pressed onto the website.

To do this, hold down the [Ctrl] key and left-click on Photos in your picture folder. Then hold down the mouse button and move the mouse pointer to the empty space on the Flickr page. Release the mouse button when you see your photos in the Flickr window. You can now add a description or add tags. These are keywords that describe the content of the picture. Other users can find your photos by searching for these keywords.

6. Publish pictures - or just show them privately

Before posting an image, check the "Owner Settings" box in the lower left corner of Flickr. The default setting here is "Visible to everyone". If you don't want this and you want only certain people to see your picture, move the mouse pointer near "Visible to Everyone" until "Edit" appears.

Click on it and then on the green box that is visible. Now you can choose who should see the image. In order to publish a photo on the Internet, you have to click on "Upload 1 photo" in the upper right corner. Then click on "Upload to Photo Stream". If you only want to show the picture to your friends, you can send them the Internet address for the picture in an e-mail: Click on the square with the arrow in it at the top right (see picture below right) and on "E-Mail" .

A window opens for the recipient's email address and message. You will also need to click Include Tagged Below - Friends and Family so that the recipient can see the non-public photos. He receives an Internet address for your Flickr page and can look at the photos on his screen.

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