Is Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty falsifiable

It looks bleak in the land of poets and thinkers. In the Bundestag industrial clerks and master millers decide on nuclear phasing out and genetic engineering. Many top managers have so little knowledge of math that they can only sloppily falsify their own balance sheets. And for fear of the mullahs, the little man demands: "Down with the Arabic numbers!"
After his successful program "Big Bang - Physics is sexy!" This time, the physicist Vince Ebert claims: Thinking is worthwhile. A daring thesis. It is well known that the spinal cord is sufficient for the really important things in life such as sleeping, eating and sex. But evolution must have thought of something in our oversized brain? We have no poison glands, fangs, or removable copulation organs. The only thing we're really good at is - thinking.

Vince Ebert - Photo: Organizer
It is all the more astonishing why many do it so seldom ...
In "Thinking is worth it." Vince Ebert does away with popular half-truths and superficial two-thirds knowledge. Whether the greenhouse effect, moon phases or the influence of relativistic effects in long-distance relationships. Find out whether there is a statistical connection between divorce and waste separation rates or what Heisenberg's uncertainty principle has to do with the grand coalition.

On Saturday, 7.2.09
, Vince Ebert is in the Kattwinkel factory with “Thinking is worth it”. The event begins at 8:00 p.m.