Why are my cockatiels so quiet

Are cockatiels very noisy?

Before buying cockatiels as pets, it is interesting to know what volume the animals can produce. These and other topics are discussed in more detail in the following article.

Anyone who is toying with the idea of ​​getting cockatiels will sooner or later deal with the question of how high the noise level is that the animals make. First the good news: Cockatiels are diurnal and differ in this respect from other pets, which only really get going at night. However, there are a few things that should be considered when it comes to purchasing parakeets. This includes not only the ideal location of the cage, but also the question of who cockatiels are suitable for because of their volume and needs.

When are cockatiels loud?

Cockatiels are diurnal and can chirp very melodically, but they can also be very loud. After all, cockatiels are not dumb fish. Basically, the birds are only loud when something not OK is.

Cockatiels usually make a lot of noise when they not enough activity to have. This is especially the case when they kept individually - an absolute taboo when keeping cockatiels, which should live in an aviary with at least two people. In fact, solitary posture is often the reason for constant screaming. The screams are also used to make contact with other parakeets and sound very unpleasant to human ears. So cockatiels will scream when they do lonely are, but also when they are fly free want or if theirs boring is.

A distinction must be made between long-lasting screams and short screams, which the birds use to establish contact or warn one another. Sometimes they also scream when they see something interesting - like another bird at the window - but then calm down quickly.

Occasional screaming is quite normal, but constant screaming has reasons that the owner should better get to the bottom of.

Volume of cockatiels when cages are too small

Basically it is animal cruelty and not at all appropriate to the species to keep cockatiels in a small and narrow cage. An aviary with a minimum space in which the birds can fly as well as possible is always advisable, because in the wild the small cockatoos often cover longer distances than it seems at first glance. So it must be ensured that the parakeets have space and space to fly - a small cage is completely unsuitable for this. Unless the animals get enough free flight every day. Otherwise the parakeets will quickly start screaming and loudly.

Where should the cage ideally be?

The ideal location is bright, but not too sunny. The cage should be against a wall because the animals feel so safe. Besides, it shouldn't be near the heater or in the kitchen. The animals don't like drafts either. It is important to consider all of these factors when choosing a location for the cage.

Who are cockatiels unsuitable for?

Cockatiels need activity and owners who watch and care for them. Therefore, cockatiels are not at all suitable for people who get the birds primarily as a pastime for their children, as an attraction in the living room, or for similar reasons. You will quickly be overwhelmed by screaming birds, which announce by their noises that their housing conditions are not optimal. But the cockatiels are also unsuitable for narrow apartments with thin walls due to the possible noise level. Most of the time, the animals have too few opportunities to fly freely and sensitive neighbors could feel disturbed by the loudness of the cockatiels.

Conclusion: So it turns out that the noise level must be taken into account before purchasing cockatiels, as the birds can be very loud. Cockatiels are beautiful and clever birds that should be given a good and, above all, species-appropriate new home - and that over a long period of time. If the animals are kept properly, the loudness of the animals is limited, but it cannot be completely avoided. So, first of all, you should be clear about whether you will be really happy with cockatiels as pets. Quite apart from the choice of location of the cage and other housing conditions, the animals need their regular occupation, which they otherwise loudly demand.

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