What do you mean by legitimate anger

Anger: caution, risk of explosion!

How to train self-control


  • Well-balanced people cope better with everyday life and can tolerate more. Do sports, maintain social contacts. And get yourself a hobby. A good side effect: you don't just derive your self-worth from professional success - and you are less likely to falter if things go wrong at your job.

  • In a partnership, pay attention to your needs and wishes. Those who constantly back off develop resentment and lose control because of trivial little things. Therefore: develop a healthy dose of selfishness, set limits.

  • Try to deal better with criticism. This works best when you learn to accept yourself. This includes knowing your strengths and your weaknesses. Those who develop a solid and realistic self-image feel less threatened by criticism.

  • Many find it difficult to accept well-intentioned help or advice. They fear that they are incompetent or less valuable or that they are perceived as such. Jump over your shadow: Many problems can only be solved by exchanging ideas with others.

When it simmers

Do you feel anger and anger? Do something to reduce the tension. Quietly count to three. Breathe slowly, focus on your breath. Have a glass of water. Leave the room for a moment. Put on a smile, it will be relaxing. The purpose of these exercises is to wait until the anger subsides to gain distance and clarity.

If it did

Many are embarrassed when they run out of their skin again. Don't be silent about it. Excuse yourself And explain why you overreacted.