How to grow beans indoors

Plant beans in pots and beds

As of: May 21, 2021 9:06 a.m.

Whether runner beans, fire beans or French beans: many types of beans not only thrive in beds, but also in pots on the balcony. Tips for sowing and planting.

After the ice saints from mid-May at the latest, the time has come: it is time to "plant" the beans, as professional gardeners call it. Before you start, you have to decide which variety should go into the soil. French beans are very easy and quick to plant. Since the plants remain low and bushy, they do not need any climbing aids. They usually do not grow taller than 30 to 50 centimeters.

Runner beans and firebeans need climbing aids

Trellises for runner beans can be built from bamboo sticks or wooden slats.

Pole and decorative beans, on the other hand, always need a climbing aid, such as special trellis such as those available in garden centers. Bamboo poles are also suitable. It is best to tie three or four poles together at the top in a tent-like manner. Alternatively, you can put a solid post in the bed and stretch cords from this to the ground.

If possible, dig the climbing aids about 60 centimeters deep so that they are stable. In addition, the sticks should be high enough: runner beans and firebeans grow up to three meters high.

Plant beans properly

So that the shell of the bean seed becomes nice and soft, you can soak it in milk overnight.

In the case of runner beans and firebeans, place around five to six seeds about three to four centimeters deep in the ground around the trellis. Bush beans are easy to sow in rows, placing a seed every five to ten centimeters in the three centimeter deep seed furrow. So that the beans germinate faster, the seeds can be soaked in water, chamomile tea or milk overnight before sowing. This saves about seven to ten days of germination.

The right location and soil

Fire beans are very decorative. They are therefore also well suited as ornamental plants.

Beans like deep, loosened soils. While runner beans also prefer soils rich in humus, French beans and firebeans are quite undemanding. In general, beans like locations that are sheltered from the wind, sunny and warm. But they also thrive in partial shade. Beans grow particularly well in a mixed culture with corn and pumpkin.

Grow beans in a pot on the balcony

Instead of growing beans in the garden, you can also plant them on the balcony. Both French and runner beans grow well in the tub. However, they need large, deep planters so that they have enough root space. It is also advisable to choose a variety of runner beans that does not grow too tall. It is important to keep the soil in the buckets evenly moist.

Nice privacy screen made of bean plants

Since climbing beans grow tall, they are also suitable as natural privacy screens. Firebeans with their bright orange-red flowers are particularly decorative. However, these plants are cross-pollinated and therefore need a second variety in the neighborhood so that they not only set flowers, but also pods later.

When are beans ready for harvest?

When the beans are ripe, they should be harvested quickly.

The beans can be harvested about two to three months after sowing. The fruits should not ripen too long, because the taste suffers. To see if the beans are ripe, simply break through a bean. Vegetables are ripe when the break is smooth and the inside is green and juicy. The seeds in the beans shouldn't be larger than an inch. Important: Raw beans are poisonous, so never eat them uncooked.

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