What is a good 18 BTS fanfiction

18 | Beautiful

The noise could already be heard in the hallway. A music system was running and the other passengers were either not in their rooms or had come to terms with the situation and the loud music. There was no other way to explain the whole thing, because many others would have complained long ago. On the way I didn't meet a single soul.

As soon as I stepped into the hallway in front of their cubicles I could tell that the music was from the boys. Firstly because it was Korean music and secondly because nobody else I know would have had the nerve to take their music system with them and set it up. With the system that Yoongi had brought with me, I was actually surprised that I could still hear something as big as it was.

I gave it a try and knocked on the door the music was coming out of. But when nobody opened it for me, I knocked harder until I finally kicked the door lightly. Finally something happened inside the cabin and Hoseok opened the door for me with a big grin that even competed with the sun. As soon as the door opened, the music came to me outside. A lot louder than I heard in the corridor before. Goodbye hearing.

Hoseok pulled me into the cabin with a grin light looked changed. Somehow the boys managed to make the room look less like a bedroom and more like a disco. Lights hung on the walls, and party hats and pipes and mugs were scattered around the room. In addition, there was confetti all over the floor.

I wondered how they'd managed to turn the whole room upside down in just a few hours and why they were throwing a party here so spontaneously. I would have liked to know the reason for their party mood, because apparently they were all in a good mood here. Of course, they didn't need a special reason to celebrate, but they generally seemed to be different from the past few days.

Hoseok said, or rather yelled at me over the music, that they had removed the barriers that separated the individual rooms from each other on the balconies so that they could access the others from each room. This also resulted in a large outdoor area that had to serve as a temporary dance floor. The 'party room' was actually Jin and Yoongi's cabin, but because Namjoon's and Tae's room was according to Hoseok unreasonable and the last room was a bit cramped because of the third bed, the party was moved here.

Hoseok sat down on the bed on which Jungkook had already made himself comfortable. He was hanging upside down and twisted weirdly on the bed and I wondered how he could hold out in that position for so long. That looked more than uncomfortable. When Hoseok jumped onto the bed, he just rolled his eyes, which Hoseok skilfully ignored and then stubbornly stared at his smartphone display again.

Jin sat at the desk and, with the noise and the bass that made everything vibrate, had actually managed to build a house of cards with a game of cards. Grinning, he placed the last two cards on the structure and proudly looked at his work. Then Taehyung bumped into one of the cards with a listless expression on his face, the whole house collapsed and Tae turned back to his smartphone, disinterested. Jin scratched his head, embarrassed, and looked up. He smiled broadly at me when he saw me.

"Suji! It's lucky that you come, it was getting boring.", He said. "Boring? You just don't have enough swag to enjoy it all.", Yoongi replied lightly and let himself fall onto the carpet. He just came back from the plant. Apparently he had changed something, because the bass dropped a bit and the music became increasingly quieter. I took a seat in an armchair in the corner of the room and grinned at everyone.